5 Best Free Websites To Deblur Photo Online That Actually Work

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Here in this article, I will be talking about the best free websites that let you Deblur Photo Online. These tools actually let you fix shaky photos and fix out of focus pictures. All of the tools mentioned in this article are online tools that do not require any software download. All you need to do is upload your photo, set deblur parameters, and blurry photo will be fixed. You can even undo Gaussian blur with these tools.

Some of the tools mentioned in this list are online photo editors, while some are dedicated websites to unblur pictures online. I will tell you how to deblur photos online with these tools. I have also included comparative photos of before and after effects for each of these tools, so you can decide on a tool that suits your needs the best.

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Here Are The Best Websites To Deblur Photo Online:


LunaPic is an online photo editor with lots of image editing tools and filters. One of the tools in LunaPic, named Blur tool lets you fix out of focus pictures. Its the same tool that is used to blur and deblur photo online, so people usually get confused. After you load a photo to fix, go to Adjust menu, then click on Blur option. Right above your photo, a slider will appear as shown above. Move the slider to the right towards Sharper option. Real time changes will appear on the photo. So, you can deblur a photo according to your choice. Don’t move it too much to the right, else extra sharpness will ruin your photo. When done, click on Apply, then download the photo to your PC.

Comparative Result

Here’s the before and after comparison of a blur photo fixed by LunaPic. As you can see, the picture looks much clearer than it was.

Access LunaPic here.


Enhance.Pho.to is an online photo deblur tool that you can use to mildly deblur photos. It is suited best for photos with very light blur. There are no options to set deblur parameter, which makes it the quickest tool in this list. Along with Deblur, you can also carry out Light Correction, Adjust Temperature, Saturation, Denoise photo, and even Fix Red Eye.

You just need to upload your photo here or you can fetch one through URL. After loading photo, simply select the Deblur option. You can also deselect other options if you don’t need them. The processed photo will be displayed. Save the photo to your PC or share on social media platforms directly from here.

Comparative Result

As you can see, it can fix out of focus pictures, and the output result is pretty mild and satisfactory.

Access Enhance.Pho.to here.

Mara Sharpen

Mara Sharpen is one of the photo editing tools that Mara provides. It can be used to deblur image online, and for this, its Unsharp Mask option is put to use. Here, you can play around with Amount and Radius sliders to get a desired result. And trust me, this filter works wonders for shaken and out of focus photos.

You can upload a photo from your PC, via URL, or via various cloud services. Now, by default, Sharpen option is selected in the dropdown; you have to select the Unsharp Mask option from there. You can adjust both the sliders a bit to see the changes happen in real time. But, don’t increase the sliders too much, as it may make the photo look ugly. After applying the filter, you can scroll down and click on Save option to get the photo on your PC in JPEG or PNG format.

Comparative Result

As you can see, it has fixed the blur substantially. This tool is perfect for highly shaken or out of focus pictures.

Access Mara Sharpen tool here.


Photopea is a free online alternative to Photoshop. And just like Photoshop, you can use Unsharp Mask here to fix shaken photos. Remember, its the same tool that we used above in Mara? This tool is perfect for those who want to fix out of focus photos and even want to carry out further image editing. You can read more about Photopea here.

Talking about the Unsharp Mask, its pretty easy to use and fix photos that are blurry or out of focus. Open a photo, then go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. A small box will open, which you can use to set Amount, Radius, and Threshold parameters. You can adjust amount and radius sliders to deblur photos. Its recommended, not to play with the Threshold slider. Play around with their values to get optimum result; the changes apply in real time. When done, you can either export photo to your PC as PNG, JPEG, GIF photo, or continue editing to save photo later.

Comparative Result

Access Photopea here.

Pine Tools

One of the tools of Pine Tools, named Sharpen Image Online can be used to fix blurry photos. What makes it different from other photo editors with Sharpen tool is its Convolution Mask. You can set the size of convolution mask as 3 x 3 or 5 x 5. 5 x 5 convolution mask is recommended to deblur photos; however, you can use 3 x 3 mask as well if the amount of blur is very less. After selecting the mask, you can set the intensity of sharpness to be applied.

To apply the effect, click on Sharpen button. You need to click Sharpen every time you change sharpness value. When you achieve desired result, save your photo as JPEG, PNG, or WEBP photo.

Comparative Result

As you can see the comparison, the output is quite satisfactory, but you may not find it as refined as the above four tools. But, it is worth a try.

Try Pine Tools’ Sharpen Image Online here.

Wrapping Up

In the above list, you will find websites that will genuinely let you deblur photo online. All these websites have been tested to give the output result as shown in comparison.

Most of the articles out there that have listed the tools to fix out of focus pictures, have mentioned Fotor Photo Blur tool as one of the top entries to fix shaky images. But, the tool does exactly the same of what a deblur tool is supposed to do. It applies miniature effect, or you can say tilt-shift effect to photos, which you can learn more about here. Moreover, most of the articles out there with the title “deblur photo online”, have mentioned only a couple of online tools and the rest are free/paid software, which you will need to download to your PC.

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