Free Alternatives for Windows Command Prompt

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Here is a list of free alternatives for Windows command prompt.

These freeware come with multiple features that are not available with Windows command prompt. All of these freeware come with a feature to work with multiple tabs, set font size, color, etc. Most of these freeware also lets you make their windows transparent. This is really useful to view the background activities.

Although, Windows command prompt is a good command line interpreter, but it comes with a dull and boring interface. You can customize its font, size, etc. by accessing properties, but it contains multiple steps and doesn’t provide many options. Therefore, I have created this list of free software that let you execute commands as well provide multiple interesting features.

Lets start with the first software in the list named as ‘ColorConsole’.


ColorConsole- interface

ColorConsole is one of the best command line alternative in this list. Unique feature of this software is that you can save all the commands or text in *.rtf format. So, whatever you have executed or typed, you can create a text file of it, and save to PC.

Another interesting feature of this software is that it lets you open multiple tabs on its interface to work with different tasks. Apart from this, it provides multiple themes to change the interface color. You can also increase and decrease font size, font color, and change the highlight color for text.

ColorConsole also provides options to switch to tile view mode and cascade view mode. You can also select and copy/paste the text, which is not easily possible with traditional Command Prompt window. It is very lightweight and comes in a zip file (around 84 KB only).

Here is the full review of this software.


ConEMU- interface

ConEmu is another great cmd alternative in this list that comes with a unique feature to make its interface transparent. You can also set the transparency level. Apart from this, it lets you add background image on its interface and work with multiple tabs together. It takes help of Windows command prompt to open a new tab (or console). However, all tabs can be viewed from a single window.

Some other important features available in this software are: lock the tab (you cannot add text if tab is locked), search for a particular word, and take screenshot of command prompt tab.

You can also switch to any tab using the drop down menu or just by clicking on that particular tab. It doesn’t provide context menu option to copy or paste the text. However, its feature to automatically copy the selected text is really interesting. You can also paste the selected text within the same tab or in a new tab using the global hotkey.

There are many other options that you can customize in this software. From console size & window position to background image, colors to transparency, a lot of options are available in settings window that you can customize according to your requirement.


Console 2- interface

Console (or Console 2) is also a good alternative for Window command prompt, currently in beta version. Just like above two software, it lets you open multiple tabs together to execute commands and take actions. You can also hide/show all tabs and can change the name of any tab. It provides right-click context menu box to access all the menus and options provided by this software.

Apart from these main features, you can open Settings window to customize the options. From settings window, you can set the transparency of its interface, set hotkey to open tabs, add background image for new tabs, set hotkey for mouse to copy/select/paste the text, and more.

Some of its options might not work, like open a new tab with hotkey, but overall it is a good free alternative for Windows command prompt.


These 3 software are the best alternatives for Windows command prompt that I was able to find over the web. Among these 3 alternatives, I personally preferred ColorConsole because it is packed with all necessary features that should be available in a good alternative of Windows command prompt. However, when you want more than just cool interface and other elements, then I will recommend you to try ConEmu that comes with tons of customizable options.

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