Fantasy Plot Generator to Create Stories with these Free Websites

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In this article, you will read about fantasy plot generator to create stories with free websites. It is very easy to take ideas with the help of these generators. To write a plot, you need to mention the name of the characters; protagonist and antagonist. Then, you can specify all elements and objects you want in your story. In just a few minutes, the plot generator prepares a story structure.

Here, all the plot generator websites work differently. You can solve a quiz for interesting questions to get a story or type random words that suit the situation. One of the websites prompts you to mention a character in a story, add twist character, add items, action sequence, etc. Besides that, there are other categories such as fantasy, crime, horror, science fiction, mystery, etc. It is a great option for students so that they can get ideas for stories.

Let’s create stories with fantasy plot generators.

1. GoToQuiz

Fantasy plot generator

GoToQuiz is a website that creates short stories. As the name suggests, it provides you questions for quiz.

When you open the website, it shows a list of questions. The questions are related to the plot structure such as the main character, the second character, antagonist, time of the day, etc. You can create fantasy, actions, humor level from 1 to 5 where 1 mean low and 5 number is for highest. Each question has five options. You can select any of the five. It is not that hard to choose the correct answer. You can randomly tick any answer.

And after that, you can submit all the answers in order to create a story. The site automatically structures the plot with the protagonist and antagonist. Also, it includes the level of humor and actions just according to your choice.

2. Seventh Sanctum

Fantasy plot generator

Seventh Sanctum is an online fantasy plot generator. The site lets you create fantasy, modern, science fiction, and random category.

When you choose the category, you can decide how many stories you want. The story generator lets you set the number of stories. Whatever the number you choose, it shows result according to that. For example, if you choose the category of fantasy and set the number of a story as 10, then the plot generator shows 10 different plot structure for the fantasy category.

3. Automatic Movie Plot Generator

Fantasy plot generator

Automatic Movie Plot Generator is a free online fantasy plot generator. Using this site, you can create scripts for movies or drama.

After opening the website, you will see a template. It has different questions that can complete your story in minutes without thinking more. There are questions such as title of the story, genre, main character, action sequence, etc. You can set your preference in plot to make it effective just like films.

The site lets you generate plots for action, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, mystery, war, etc. It offers a choice for the character. You can make your character a surgeon, a professional gambler, unemployed writer, etc. Besides that, you can set the goal of a character in a story, add twist character, add items, action sequence, etc. If you want to relate the story to some famous movie then you can mention that too. Later, you can generate a plot structure in a way you want.

4. Plot Generator

Fantasy plot generator

Plot Generator can also be a good option for fantasy plot generator. The site has multiple categories for which you can create plot structures.

There are categories such as fantasy, crime, horror, science fiction, mystery, etc. Also, you can create short stories, movie scripts, twisted plots, fairy tale, etc. It seems like a story lover will definitely love this website as it lets you create several plot ideas.

In order to create a fantasy plot, you can go to category named fantasy. At this point, you can mention the name of the main hero of your story. You can enter another character, it can be male or female. Then, the generator prompts you to write thirteen adjectives. The most interesting thing about this plot generator is that you can specify some creature to make your story effective. You can take ideas with the suggest button. Similarly, you can add other objects with nouns, verbs, etc. Thereafter, the site provides a perfect plot structure.

In brief

People who love to write, they need a good plot structure in order to execute a good story. Using online fantasy plot generators, you can take ideas for creating a plot. And it does take your efforts as you need to add a few keywords, add objects and other elements. Thereafter, the site generates in minutes.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
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