Convert LinkedIn to PDF with These Best Free Methods

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Here are 2 best free methods to convert LinkedIn to PDF. Basically, these methods let you create a resume from the profile page of a LinkedIn user. So, those who need to quickly create a resume from the details stored in their LinkedIn profiles, these two methods can be very helpful.

Using both of these methods, you are able to convert your profile or profile of some other LinkedIn user to PDF document. The output PDF will contain important details to create a meaningful CV. In the output PDF, you will have contact information (including email, phone number, etc.), education details, languages, summary, work experience details, etc.

Let’s check both the methods to convert LinkedIn to PDF.

Method 1: LinkedIn to PDF by Accessing Profile Page

access user profile and use save to pdf option

This is one of the best methods for LinkedIn to PDF. This method is not limited to a specific browser and you don’t have to install some extension or other tools. This is a built-in feature in LinkedIn, so you can use it in any browser. To use this method:

Step 1: Open LinkedIn and then access profile page of a LinkedIn user. It doesn’t matter if you are accessing your profile page or someone else’s profile. This works for any LinkedIn user with a public profile.

Step 2: On the profile page, you will see a More… button. Use it and a pop-up will open with different options. Click on “Save to PDF” option and it will prepare a PDF file having inputs from the profile page.

When PDF is prepared, you can save it to PC. The PDF will include work experience, contact details, top skills, education related information, etc. Thus, a meaningful resume is generated by converting a LinkedIn profile to PDF.

Method 2: Convert LinkedIn Profile to PDF Using Free CV from LinkedIn

click CV from LinkedIn extension icon

CV from LinkedIn is a nice Chrome extension. Here is its homepage. You can save information from any public LinkedIn profile in PDF format. The best part about this extension is LinkedIn to PDF process is just a matter of a single click. This extension also fetches important details like education, experience, etc. However, it can’t grab contact information (email address, phone number, ) for now. The developer has also mentioned this issue on its homepage but the developer is working on it. To convert a LinkedIn profile to PDF, you need to:

  • Install this extension.
  • Access the profile page of your or some other LinkedIn user.
  • Click on the icon of this extension. You can find that icon on the top right corner of Google Chrome. This extension works only on the profile page.

As soon as you click that icon, it scrolls down (or scan) the profile page of that LinkedIn user to the end to fetch the information. After that, a Save as window is opened using which you can save the output PDF to any folder on your PC.

The Conclusion:

These are two very easy methods for LinkedIn to PDF task. I prefer native or built-in ways over third-party tools, software, and extensions. Therefore, method 1 is most suitable for me. If you are a Chrome user and need to convert a LinkedIn profile to PDF, then method 2 can be a nice option to try.

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