5 Free Pill Identifier Apps For Android

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free pill identifier apps for Android. From these apps, you can search a drug by its imprint number, brand, generic name, size, color, etc to identify it. The best part of most of these drugs identifier apps is that they also provide drug images along with their description, usage, dosage, etc. All Android apps in this list can be used to find drugs information marketed in US only. So, if you belong to another part of the world, then I am not quite sure whether these apps are useful for you or not. Another exciting part of these pill identifier apps is that some of them can also be used as your medication manager to maintain a list of medicines that you take, setting up pill reminders, and other advanced options.

Pill Identifier and Drug list:

Pill Identifier and drug list

Pill Identifier and Drug List is a free Android app to find pills and drugs list by imprint number, shape, and color. It can be used to find info of 60,000+ drugs which are available in US. The best part is that it also displays the images of the drugs in the search results. This will help you easily identify the unknown drugs. For each drug in this app, you can read its brand, generic name, type, uses, warnings, and other information. Recently, I reviewed the Pill Identifier and Drug List iPhone app which is quite similar to its Android counterpart.

Additional features of Pill Identifier and Drug list:

  • Drug Search: Search for a drug by its brand or generic name.
  • My Meds: View all bookmarked drugs and pills in the “My Meds” section of the app.
  • Symptom Checker: Specify symptoms and get a list of drugs that can be used for the detected disease. This feature must be used cautiously as it is not a replacement for proper treatment by doctors.
  • Drug Index: Browse drugs by generic or brand name organized alphabetically.
  • BMI Calculator.
  • Pulse Rate.
  • Cholesterol Calculator.
  • Blood Sugar Measurement.
  • Blood Pressure Measurement.
  • Health Articles.

iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info:

iPharmacy pill identifier

iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info is another free Android app to find and identify pills and drugs from 6,000+ drugs available in US. With its “Pill Identifier” feature, you can find a drug of a particular shape, size, score, and imprint number. You just have to specify any combination of these parameters and the app will find all the drugs matching the criteria. Just like the previous app on my list, it also shows the images of the drugs in the search results. What I liked the most about this app is that it provides a more comprehensive drug summary in which you can see adverse reactions, warnings, indication & usage, etc. There is also an option to share the drug info with others.

Additional features of iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info:

  • Pill reminder tool: Add your medication drugs from the drug list of this app and add a reminder to take pills on time. The pill reminder of this app can remind you to take a pill multiple times a day for a specified time period like take drug 3 times a day between a “Start date” and “End date”.
  • Drug Search: Search a drug by its name or ingredients.
  • Pharmacies: Get the location of pharmacies within 20 miles (only USA).
  • Recalls & Alters: Read medication news.

Drugs.com Medication Guide:

drugs.com android pill identifier

Drugs.com Medication Guide is another free pill identifier Android app on my list. This app can find and identify drugs available in US by their imprint number, color, and shape. Just like other advanced pill identifier apps on this list, this app lets you bookmark drugs, browse and read drugs info by categories, diseases, find drugs for a particular disease or symptom, and also includes a pill identifier tool. From its pill identifier feature, you can find any drug by specifying its physical properties like its shape, color, and imprint number. The best way is to combine these parameters to narrow down the search results and then pick one from the results to read its information. It also displays drug images along with its information like strength, pill imprint, drug class, inactive ingredients, etc. as you can see in the screenshot above.

Additional features of Drugs.com Medication Guide:

  • Bookmark drugs that you take in medication and access them from the “My Med List” section of the app.
  • Browse drugs by category, sources, and alphabetically.
  • Find drugs by disease or condition.
  • Read FDA alerts.
  • Find side effects of a drug.
  • Find interactions between drugs.
  • Medicine use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Symptom checker.
  • Search professional drug information.

Pill Identification:

pill identification app

Pill Identification is another simple Android app to identify drugs by imprint number. Unlike other similar apps in this list, it doesn’t allow you to find pills and drugs by shape, color, and type. So, in order to find an unknown drug, you must know its imprint number and then use this app to find its information and images. Specify the drug imprint number it in its search box and then tap on the “Search” button. After that, you will see the search results, tap any drug to know more about it. Basically, this app references to Pillid.com database to retrieve drugs information to show you the following drug details:

  • National Drug Code.
  • Generic name.
  • Drug marketed by.
  • Legal status in USA.
  • Most common usage of the drug.
  • Find drug dosage.

Pill Identifier:

Pill Identifier app

Pill Identifier is a very simple app to find and identify drugs by its brand or generic name. It uses the DailyMed API to find information from 10,000+ marketed drugs in USA. The main limitation of this app is that it doesn’t display images of drugs. So, this is not the app you would like to go with if you want to see visual images of an unknown drug. However, it displays the most comprehensive details of a drug as compared to the other apps. You can read its detailed description, warnings, precautions, adverse reactions, overdosage, how the drug is supplied, and other useful information. Check it out if you need comprehensive information about any drug.


In this article, I made you familiar with 5 pill identifier Android apps. With these apps, you can simply search for a drug by supply its imprint number, generic name, etc. Out of these apps, I will draw your attention towards Pill Identifier & Drugs List and iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info as they also display the drugs images and Pill Identifier as it provides a detailed information on drugs.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 3.3]

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