Keep Track of Movies Watched With Android Apps

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In this blog post, you will read about how to keep track of movies watched with Android apps. It is so easy to do that. All you need to browse trending movies or search for your favorite movie. Then, you can add those movies in a list. You can easily track which episode you have watched and what to watch next. Basically, it helps you to remember your watched movies, episodes, TV series. Also, you can manage the movie list in just one place.

Apart from keep track of watched movies, you can also check review, ratings, etc. These apps let you read the synopsis as well. It can help you to understand what the movie is all about. Then, you can keep on marking your watched episodes one by one. You can keep track of movies watched with free websites as well.

Let’s try these apps and keep track of movies watched by you.

TV Time

keep track watched movies

TV Time is a free Android app to keep track of movies watched by you. The app helps you to keep a record in one place so that the app can prepare a calendar of your next series or movies.

Once you open the app after installation, it lets you discover the shows and movies you have watched. You can add movies on your list. And then, the app lets you mark the seasons or episodes. It helps you to remember which part you watched in the last month.

Besides that, you can read the synopsis of the movie and the time you spent on a movie. And how many people added the movie in their list. You can find a new series to watch next.

Series Guide

keep track watched movies

Series Guide is another app to keep track of movies watched earlier. The app prevents you from spoilers. You can add new movies and TV shows on the list.

To discover new movies, you can tap the (+) sign in the bottom right. Then, the app displays the list of new episodes. You can read the brief introduction, genres, and rating. Then, you can Add Show.

After this, the app helps you to track how many episodes you have seen and how many remaining. This is how you can keep track of all the watched movies or episodes.

TV Series

keep track watched movies

TV Series is one of the good Android apps to keep track of movies watched. It also helps you to manage your favorite TV shows.

The has a section called Discover. There you can search for movies by categories. There are trending movies, most watched, most discussed, new, and upcoming movies.

You can use the search bar to directly search for a movie. Then, you can set a movie as seen and switch to the next episode.

Next Episode

keep track watched movies

Next Episode is an app to keep track of movies watched by you. The app requires you to add your favorite movies in the list. Then, the app keeps track of your watched episodes.

To do so, you can search for a movie in the section called More. There you will find a list of upcoming, trending, hot shows, etc. Then, you can mark the movies you have watched. Or, you can add movies to watch later and keep on tracking.

In brief

The movie tracker apps are useful to manage your movie diary. It tracks everything about movies, TV series and other episodes. Just by adding movies in the list, the apps keep track of movies watched by you earlier. Also, it helps you to remember where you left the episode last time.

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