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Readiy is a free RSS reader app for Windows 8. It is actually a Feedly client app; and as the way Feedly aggregates different feeds related to latest news from world of technology, pop culture, business, lifestyle and fashion etc. in one place, Readiy also brings and sums up all the latest feeds from those content providers that you have subscribed to, with your Feedly account. The app lets you customize the themes, fonts/font size, margins, alignments etc. You can read articles in full Article view. Plus you can also save the article to Pocket and Instapaper for later reading. Besides this you can also pin different feeds sources to start screen and use share charm. The list goes on and you can do lot more with the app besides just simply reading feeds.

This free RSS reader app for Windows 8 is present under the New & Weather Category in Windows Store or you can use the Search Charm to find the app.

Readiy - home screen

Reading feeds and doing lot more with this free RSS Reader App for Windows 8:

This free RSS Reader App for Windows 8 comes with beautifully designed modern user interface. It has rich image contents (that is feeds) with a title and a small description about the article. In order to get the feeds you need to have a Feedly account, otherwise you won’t get any articles. If you don’t have Feedly account, no worries you can make it in simple easy steps and all for free. So make an account in Feedly first, and then subscribe to the feeds sources.

Readiy - reading article in inline browser mode

After logging with your Feedly account, you’ll get the Home Screen of the app, which shows the latest feeds from all of the sources to whom you made a subscription. If you want to read feeds from a particular source or sources from a group, then click on the All Items drop down present at the top left side of the screen. This shows a drop down consisting various sources that you subscribed, plus two more items for Must Read and Starred articles. So in a way you are filtering the feeds, which helps you to quickly find the relevant articles. There’s no Home Button though, because you won’t be going too deep between screens, so there’s no need of it, at all!

Readiy - filtering

The other good feature of the app are: you can mark a feed as read item by 3 categories, which are: Mark All Items Read, Mark older then a day read, and Mark older then a week read. You can do that by Right clicking on the Home screen, and click on Mark Read Button, or click on the another All Items button (this is in smaller font).

Readiy - Pinning Gizmodo source to start screen

The multiple controls that you get for reading articles are very useful and enhance your reading experience. Like mentioned before, you can change the theme, alignment, font style/size, margins to the desired ones. Because of these even the weary eyed people can read articles easily. You can also change the reading mode from the default to Instapaper, Readibility, or Inline Internet browser. But remember that the afore mentioned customizing options will get disabled in these other modes. Besides these you can also share the articles you like with friends by using Share Charm, or save it into Instapaper or Pocket for later reading purposes.

Readiy - customizing buttons

Key features of this Feedly client app:

  • Freely available.
  • Great for Feedly Client App.
  • Different text and theme formatting options.
  • Different reading modes.
  • Save to Pocket or Instapaper.
  • Option to mark feeds as read items manually.
  • Option to share.
  • Options to filter and sort.
  • Mark feeds as read/unread, starred/unstarred.
  • Pin different feeds sources to start screen in live tile format.
  • Sync the app so that it can be accessed in other devices such as smartphones, tablets etc.
  • Image rich and beautiful modern UI.

Final take on Readiy:

As for being a RSS reader app for Windows 8, this free Feedly client app does great. The only thing which is lacking is you can’t search and add new feeds sources to your account. Other than that Readiy is a useful app to get all the Feedly feeds (not more than one month old) in one beautifully designed intuitive platform. The features and the amount of control that you get with this app are truly recommendable. Certainly a try worthy free app.

Get Readiy here.

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