Free Software to Solve Keyboard Chattering and Bouncing: Keyboard Chattering Fix

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Keyboard Chattering Fix is a free and portable software which can be used to fix your keyboard chattering or bouncing issues.

Keyboard chattering or bouncing is mainly caused in mechanical keyboards. The problem occurs when you press a key and it automatically goes on printing the same key. For example, your single press of ‘A’ may result in ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAA’ in the place you are typing.

The best part of the software is its portability. There is no need to install the software to use it.

Keyboard Chattering Fix-Homescreen

The features that Keyboard Chattering Fix includes are:

  • Filtering key bouncing or chattering
  • Logging key chattering
  • A tool to temporarily disable your mouse or keyboard, so that you can clean them.

How to use Keyboard Chattering Fix:

The software is very lightweight (less than 100Kb) and can be downloaded from the link given at the end of the article. Once downloaded, just run the software and you will get a screen like the one above.

The threshold value is the time between which a key’s second keypress will not be considered. For example if you keep the threshold value at 50 ms, and you press key ‘A’ then within the next 50 ms if ‘A’ is pressed again it will not be considered. You can also change Keyboard Properties by clicking on the “Open Keyboard Control Panel”.

Keyboard Chattering Fix-Settings

The software also allows you to add sounds when Keyboard chattering / bouncing occurs. The file format that can be used for the notification is .wav.

Generally the application gets minimized to the system tray but you can change that too.

Below is a brief details of all the functionalities provided by the software:

  • Logs: The Logs stores the keys pressed, the time they were pressed, the duration for which it was pressed, and the state (Up/Down). This makes it works as a keylogger as well, though, there are definitely better keyloggers out there (and corresponding anti-keyloggers too!)
  • Stats: The Stats stores the key that has been pressed, the number of times it has been pressed and if there is any chatter in any of the key presses.
  • Tools: The Tools contains functionalities to temporarily disable a mouse or keyboard.

keyboard Chattering Fix-Logs

One of the great features of this software is that it allows to temporarily disable mouse or keyboard. Now you can clean your mouse or keyboard when they are still in switched ON state.

keyboard Chattering Fix-Tools


Keyboard Chattering Fix is a useful software for those who have keyboard chattering/ bouncing issues. The software is not 100% perfect but manages to remove most of the chatter or bounces of the keyboard. I like the Tool feature of the software which allows you clean the keyboard and mouse even when the computer/ laptop is switched on.

Get Keyboard Chattering Fix here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 9 Average: 2.9]
Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free

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