Know Server Location of a Website with Flagfox

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Flagfox is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which displays a flag icon in the address bar indicating the current server location of the website you are browsing. The flag is of the country the website server is hosted in. This helps you in checking which country hosts the server for any website that you are opening. This extension provides extra additional information about where you are connected while browsing different websites.flag fox

This extension is easy to handle and quick to access. You can also configure the domain name of browsing website, IP (internet protocol) address and server location through this add-on.

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By clicking on the flag icon, a Geotool is loaded, which gives detailed information about host name, continent, country, region, city, IP address, flag, local time, postal code, latitude, longitude and much more.

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In addition, this tool shows detailed map, showing the city in which the server is and other useful information.

Key Features Of Flagfox:

  • Informs about the server connected to, on opening different websites.
  • Shows the IP address of the connected server.
  • Aligned with a tool named as Geotool.
  • This tool provides additional information like longitude, latitude, local time, city and much more.
  • Shows the domain name and server location.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Shows accurate location through which server you are connected.

How To Add this website server location finder add-on To Your Firefox Browser:

  • To add Flagfox to your Firefox browser, Click here.
  • Click on “Add To Firefox”
  • Flagfox add-on will be automatically installed to your Firefox browser.

Flagfox is a Firefox extension which indicates the flag icon of the current website server location. This Extension lacks privacy and security, as you can access all the information of different websites, and obviously they can also do the same .

But, in case you are interested to know the country hosting a website you visit on a regular basis, than Flagfox is perfect for you.

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