2 Free US ZIP Code Finder Software

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Here are 2 free US ZIP code Finder software.

These software are handy to quickly find the ZIP code of any city of US. Apart from this, these software have their own valuable features as well. For example, you can find area codes, check latitude and longitude of a city, find cities by entering the ZIP codes, etc. These software can prove to be really handy when you have to send something via postal service to any other US state and you don’t know its ZIP code. Let’s start with the first ZIP code finder software present in this list.


Zipoid- interface

Zipoid is one of the best ZIP code finder software in this list. You can find ZIP code by city or by state. Unique feature in this software is that it will also provide area code. All the records (ZIP code, City, Area Code, and State) are shown in its simple interface.

Two other special features are also provided by this software that makes it very interesting: Distance Calculation and Radius Search. Distance Calculation feature is very useful to find distance in miles and degrees between start and end ZIP code. On the other hand, Radius Search helps to find Area code, State, and Distance by just entering the desired ZIP code and Radius (in miles).

ZIP Pointer

ZIP Pointer- interface

ZIP Pointer lets you search for a city by entering the ZIP code. It provides a map on its feature to locate the city searched by you. However, you can also use it to find all the ZIP codes of different locations of a city. You need to access Found Info option available under View menu. Apart from this, it will also show you latitude, longitude, city and country. So pretty useful information is stored in its database.

Note: This software is available with unlimited trial version. However, this unregistered version comes with nag screen. If this doesn’t bother you, then you can use it to avail benefit of its features.

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Among these two software, I will recommend you to use Zipoid software. This software has multiple features that I liked a lot. I was able to find only these two free zip code finder software that work perfectly. If you guys know about any other free software that can find area and ZIP codes which you would like me to add in this list, do share with me in comments.

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