Free Tool To Generate Movie Catalog Using IMDb Data

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In this article, I will cover a free tool to generate movie catalog using IMDb data. IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is the wide database that provides information related to movies, TV series, etc.

There are many free software out there to generate movie catalog. Most of those software use IMDb API to fetch the information from the IMDb database. But, over the period of time, API got updated and left most of those software broken.

To overcome this problem, OMDb tool uses its own custom OMDb API rather than using IMDb API. This custom API fetches information directly from the IMDb website. So, the chances of things getting broken are minimal here.

Free Tool To Generate Movie Catalog Using IMDb Data

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How To Generate Movie Catalog Using IMDB Data?

OMDb Tool is a portable software which is very simple to use. Here, you can define a template for the movie catalog and OMDb Tool fetches the respective information from the IMDb website. It formats the output as per the template to give you a neat and well-formatted movie catalog. It requires very simple steps to generate movie catalog using IMDb data:

Step 1: To generate a movie catalog with OMDb Tool, open the software and enter the title or IMDb ID of the movie. You can refine your search by entering the year in which that movie was released. It will fetch the information about that movie from IMDb website and format the output for you.

generate movie catalog using IMDb database

Step 2: You can set the movie catalog in any desired format by changing the template. With the ‘Insert Token‘ button, you can add a new entry to the catalog. OMDb tool has 21 tokens which cover almost everything that you may need in a movie catalog. And, as per your requirements, you can make the plot of the movie full or short in the catalog.

generate movie catalog in bulk

Step 3: After generating the movie catalog using IMDb data, you can copy it to clipboard or can save it as a text file. This tool also has an auto-save button to help you easily generate and save movie catalogs in bulk.

generate movie catalog

In the Settings, you can set a default folder to auto-save catalogs. You can also set a custom template for the naming scheme and change the font of the catalog.

This way, you can easily generate movie catalog using IMDb data. With OMDb Tool, you can also generate catalogs for TV series as well. The process is same as generating the catalog for a movie.

Download OMDb Tool here.


With the help of OMDb Tool, you can easily generate movie catalog within a minute. Features like auto-save and format-template make it an ideal choice to generate movies/TV series catalogs in bulk. Go, give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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