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Movies Info (or Movies Collection Info) is a free website that helps to get movies information by using IMDb database. It automatically searches for video files available in your PC folder to generate information. It generates data-table to provide exact name of movies, movies rating, and genres used for all movies. Not only just movies, it can be used to get information about TV serials and video songs as well. The best use of this website is to quickly check rating of movies, if that movie’s information is available in that IMDb.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the wide database that provides information related to movies, TV serials, video games etc. This website uses the same database to fetch movie ratings and other information. However, it is also the biggest disappointment that very limited information is provided by this website. But valuable information is generated.

get movies information

In above screenshot, you can see information fetched for videos added by me by this website. No record of your videos is stored on severs neither your videos are uploaded, so there is no information threat.

Note: Although it is mentioned in the website that it is supported with Chrome only, but I was able to get movie information from Firefox as well. However, only a single movie information can be fetched on other browsers at a time.

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How To Get Movies Information Using This Free Website?

Movies Info is very easy to use and requires very simple steps to fetch information of movies available in your PC:

Step 1: This is a very basic step. You need to access homepage link of this website. You may use the link present at the end of this review to go to its homepage.

Step 2: On its homepage, click on Select Movies Folder button. It will open a small window.

select movies folder

Step 3: Use the Open window to search for folder where your movies/videos are stored. Select the required folder and click on OK button. Immediately, it will start fetching information about each possible video. The whole datatable of videos information will be in front of you. See the screenshot below:


You will be able to find the original name of movies, their ratings, and information about genres.

Other information for movies is not provided by this website, such as: actors/actress name, writer, etc., but you can get full details about a particular movie on with the help of this website. With each individual movie name, a hyperlink is attached. Clicking on that link will direct you to where information for that particular movie will be provided (if available in database).


Although you can directly visit IMDb website to fetch information of movies one by one manually. But this website is more useful to auto find movies information that are only stored in your PC. Movie rating information is most useful information provided by this website.

Try Movies Info free.

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