How to Add Clock on Desktop

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Desktop Clock is always a good utility desktop gadget. It keeps you abreast with every single second so that you do not miss any important meetings or get late for an appointment. In addition, Desktop Clock decorates and enhances the look of your desktop screen. Desktop Clocks are generally available in two different styles: Digital and Analog.

Here is how to Add Clock on desktop:

  • Go onto the website from where you will be downloading the desktop clock.
  • Click on the given “Download” link.
  • Click on the downloaded file to install or run the .exe file. In some instances the downloaded file could be a Zip file. In that case you need to extract all files first, before you run the program. Right click and extract all files. Then run the .exe file. you have a beautiful Desktop Clock. Lets see examples of desktop clocks that we reviewed:

Horloger Digital Clock: Horloger is a free digital Desktop clock for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. This digital Desktop clock is available in a stylish HTC pattern with customizable multiple skins and has a unique interface. You can create your own skin for the clock and display it on your desktop. This Desktop clock displays hours, minutes and also seconds. Take a look at an image below in order to understand clearly:


Read more about Horloger, or try free here.

Aero-Clock Analog Clock: Aero Clock is a free Desktop Analog Clock with Alpha Transparency. This beautiful Desktop clock decorates your desktop very nicely along with showing the local time on your desktop screen. You can view an image below in order to get familiar with an Analog-Clock:


Read more about Aero-Clock, or try free here.

In short, Desktop Clock is a beautiful way to decorate desktop screen and allowing you to keep track of your schedule as well. So go ahead and set a clock on desktop right away!!

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