Send SMS or Call Yourself to Get Out of Awkward Situation

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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] is a free service available which helps to rescue you from awkward situations you find yourself, maybe a winding discussion which you never wanted to start on an unending date. sends text messages and phone calls to your phone making it look like it is from a real person, thus giving you an excuse to leave that situation. This great free service from can function based on default messages on the system or specific messages defined by you.

You can add any message whether it is related to an emergency or any personalized message, just add it and will speak it or send it for you. Though, this service is free for use, but the message or call charges which this service incurs on your behalf will be deducted from your phone in line with your service provider’s charges.

How to use Rescu.Me:

It’s very simple, all you need to do is Type this message “ Text sms x your message or call x” and send to a number specified on the website. The SMS or call serves as the command, while x is the number of minutes in which will respond to your phone.


There is also an option for personalized messages and voice customization. So this is a great free software highly recommended for use. So go on and use anytime the situation calls for it and never get stuck any where you do not want to be. automatically sends phone calls and messages to you within a particular time frame.  Simple isn’t it! That’s not all, as will be upgrading to its new version very soon. So you can expect some further improved features when launches its new version.

Update: The website is not operational anymore. (25 feb 2013)

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Works With: Symbian, Windows, Android
Free/Paid: Free