6 Websites with Animated Books for Kids

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Today we are discussing websites which have animated books for kids. We all agree to the fact that kids love animation, be it cartoons, videos, stories, etc. Animation is one thing that will quiet down the most cranky kid as well. These animated stories have almost a magical effect on kids. They enjoy their story time and end up learning something as well. With a wide range of collection being available online, its difficult to decide which websites to choose. Therefore, we have a list of websites for you where you can find animated books and stories for kids.

Let’s start with the first one.

Animated Children Books

animated children books home

This is a website hosted on Google Sites and has a limited but good collection of classic children’s books. The animated books are listed by the name of the author of the book. The animated videos that are played are streamed through YouTube. Some of the videos have popular celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Billy Crystal, etc. doing the narration of the story. But the downside of the videos being streamed from YouTube is that some of the videos have become unavailable due to copyright violation.


sillybooks home

This website has animated stories as well as non animated ones. So when you first land on this website, go to the books tab, which has all animated books under it. You would notice that under books there are four pages to go through. You can start playing these animated stories for your kids one by one. You would need to have Flash installed on your system to play these animated books. When you click on a book, it will open up in a new tab and start playing automatically.


eduteach home

When you visit this website you will notice that its not a very colorful website as a kids website should be. As shown in the screenshot above, it has a long list of animated books to the left side of the screen. The animated book is played on the right side of the screen. So when you select a story book from the left side list it will be played in the right side window. The animated books are streamed from YouTube. But none the less they are pretty fun to watch.


learn english kids home

This is a website developed by the British Council for kids. It has lot of other activities for kids apart from animated books. There are lots of animated books available to be watched. The most popular books are listed according to the star rating given to them. When you click on a book, it will open in a new page. Here you can watch the video, give it a star rating, add comments to it, download a PDF copy, etc. But for this you would be required to create a free account with this website.


kidsworldfun home

This website has a good collection of animated stories for kids. The website is also pretty colorful to look at. Apart from stories there are many other activities for the kids. When you go to the animated stories page, you will see a list of stories you can choose from. When you click on a story name, it will open up in a new page. There will be a short summary of the story and at the end will be a button to watch this animated story. When you click this button, a new tab will open up with the animated story being played in it. The website plays the videos from different websites and doesn’t store anything on its website.

Story Time for Me

story time for me video

This website has a small but good collection of animated stories. Choose from a particular series of books and start watching the animated videos. The animated video like the one in the above screenshot also has text so you can follow the story along with the narrator. There are certain words in the text which are underlined, clicking on these words shows you the meaning of the word with the help of a image. You would be required to sign in with the website, otherwise after a few pages in to the video you will start getting a pop up screen after every page flip. Also, the website gives you an option to create a personalized video song free.

Check out this free website to create and share animated stories online.

So go through these websites to watch some nice animated books and stories with your kids. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as your kids.

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