9 Websites to Check Live Traffic Conditions in USA

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Here is a list of 9 websites to check live traffic conditions in USA. These websites make sure that you’ve all the updated news about live traffic conditions of any USA state. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about registration or logging into your existing account. Simply open the website you like, type in the state or city name, and updated information will be in front of you instantaneously. The live traffic conditions report includes various factors like construction work, accidents, speed limit, etc. to name a few.

Let’s get started.

1. Federal Highway Administration:

Federal Highway Administration

The first website to get you started with checking live traffic conditions in USA is from Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation. On the website, you will see the map of USA and you have to click on the location of the state whose live traffic condition you want to know. Just below the map, there is also a list of all the states which are hyper linked. You can also click on them directly if you don’t want to explore the map. Do remember that FHA website doesn’t shows live traffic conditions on its website but it redirects you to the corresponding state’s official government website for checking the updates. I’ve included FHA website so that you don’t have to go on Google or any other search engine for finding the website of your or any other state.

Once the website of selected state loads, you can easily check and track the live traffic conditions in USA.

2. Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google Maps is the second website to get live traffic condition updates in USA. To get live traffic update, you need to open Google Maps and enter your query as Traffic near X (X= name of the location for which you want the update). You can also enter simply Traffic instead of Traffic Near. For the entered query, you will see the map of the location as shown in screenshot above. The traffic speed is signified via following color scheme: Green, Orange, Red, and Maroon. The Green refers to fast traffic speed and Maroon refers to slow. Google Maps shows activities like construction on the map with the help of easy to guess icons. You can also hover the mouse over any icon to know about it in detail.

Apart from Live Traffic, Google Maps also lets you have a look at typical traffic conditions. For typical conditions, you have to select the day and hours of the day. For example, you can pick Tuesday, 8 PM to see typical traffic conditions at location selected by you when there’s Tuesday and its 8 PM.

3. Here Maps:


Here Maps lets you check live traffic conditions around the world. So, your first step is to select the city/state for which you want to get update. On selecting it, you will see the map of the location showing the traffic conditions including the traffic causing reasons. There are different symbolic representations for different activities like construction, accident, road closed, etc. If there are multiple activities at a single point, then Here Maps clubs them and shows as a number equivalent to those activities. Then, you need to zoom-in to the map to see them at the individual level.

You can also enter name of two locations to check traffic conditions between that specific route.

4. Waze:


Waze is the fourth website in the list and its owner is none other than Google. You can use the website to check live traffic updates of a single location as well as between two locations. Waze is basically a community driven service where its users provide updated information. Since it is a community based service, hence it is pretty strong in providing updated information and even informs about minor hiccups in the traffic. On the map, you can easily find out what is happening on which route. On map, Waze also shows the total number of users on a particular route who are providing the information. You can click on any of the icons on the map to find out what they represent and what’s happening at that point of route.

5. Bing Maps:

Bing Maps

The process for checking the live traffic conditions using Bing Maps is really simple and easy. You have to look for the location of interest exactly the same way as you do normally. When that location is located on the map, click on the Traffic option to see the traffic updates. Bing Maps shows traffic speed on the basis of following 4 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. Apart from this, different situations are displayed using different icon and you have to click on the icon to know about the situation in details. For the selected icon, Bing Maps shows severity, description, start/end time (if available), and an option to zoom to the incident site.

6. Beat the Traffic:

Beat the Traffic

Beat the Traffic is the sixth website in the list for checking live traffic updates in USA. You simply need to enter the name of the location and it will show you the latest traffic updates to you. It also uses 4 color scheme to show delays in traffic: Green, Orange, Red, and Maroon. Green signifies no delays and Maroon signifies major delays. Apart from this, if there’s any incident happening on the route then it is marked with traffic cones. Clicking on it will show you the information regarding the incident. There is also an option which lets you check the temperature of all the locations directly on the map.

7. Sigalert:


Sigalert is the website which is dedicated to checking live traffic conditions in and around Los Angeles, California. The website informs you about different incidents happening around the area like accidents, construction work, etc. All these incidents are shown on the map in rhombic shape with different colors. Each color of rhombus is used for signifying a particular incident. You can then hover over the rhombus to know about the incident, name of the location of incident, and time when incident occurred. Besides this, Sigalert also shows average speed of traffic at that time for the location selected by you.

8. MapQuest:


MapQuest is the website which lets you check live traffic conditions of any state in USA. You have to enter the name of the location and click on Live Traffic option to see the updates. On the map, you will see the icons showing the incidents happening, if any, on the traffic. Like all other services, you can click on the icon to see the details about the incident. The details include description of the incident, start time, and expected end time.

9. TomTom:


The next website in the list is from one of the leading navigation and mapping device manufacturer TomTom. It lets you check live traffic conditions for any US state by simply entering the location. On entering it, you will see the list of incidents on the left side while in the map, you will see those incidents marked with icons. TomTom also shows the traffic length which is getting affected due to the incident.

These are the 9 free websites to check live traffic conditions in USA. Check them out to stay updated about the traffic in real time and reduce your chances of getting late to your destination.

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