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CrowdSound.Net or simply CrowdSound is a website where people can crowd-write a beautiful melody by voting for the next good-sounding note in the melody, building it piece by piece in the process. The process is slow but the result at the end will be awesome for sure. When the melody is complete, you will also get to contribute your vote towards writing the lyrics. On top of that, users can also create their own song on the website and submit it to compete for the top 100 list.


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Let’s take a better look at CrowdSound.

How to Contribute a Note for the Melody on CrowdSound

To contribute your part for the melody that is currently in development, you’ll need patience and a good ear. Log onto CrowdSound’s main website where you’ll see a music sheet at the bottom. Above it is a Play button and a drop down menu to change the instrument.



The music sheet also marks the playing background chords so you can match the note to be voted in melody with the chord. Click the Play button and listen to the song till all the beats are finished. You can change the speed with the Faster and Slower buttons.


At the end of the melody, you’ll be asked to choose the note that you think will sound good. You can vote for a rest too if you feel none of the notes should be added. Enter a username next so CrowdSound remembers your vote.


Keeping yourself updated about the next poll is necessary if you want to see this song grow. Make sure you tick mark the email alert option for that.

When CrowdSound deems the song finished, you’ll also get to crowd write the lyrics the same way you’re crowd writing the melody.

How to Write Your Own Melody on CrowdSound


Did you know you could write your own song on CrowdSound? You can do that after you’ve casted your vote for the melody in development. Click on ‘Start Writing My Own Song Now’ on the next page following the vote. You’ll be provided the same music sheet where you can enter notes continuously against the already added chords to build a sweet sounding melody. The tempo can be changed from the advanced settings above the sheet. Click on the submit button, and if your melody is good enough it will be featured in a top-100 list.

Final Words

CrowdSound is definitely one the most original concepts brought forth on the web. People of different music tastes can rub their taste on the melody. Though the process is slow but I am sure you will be proud of contributing to it once you’re finished. The only thing that disappointed me is that I can’t download the MIDI melody I created. I award CrowdSound with 5 stars.

Try CrowdSound here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 11 Average: 3.2]
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