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Paper Titles Generator by Kiss Investments is a free tool that offers to provide a worthy title to your academic papers based on a particular topic. When you writing a paper, you need a catchy title that grabs attention as well as summarizes what you are covering in the paper.

In today’s world where attention span of people is reducing by the day because of so much social media exposure, catching someones attention is difficult. Therefore, you need a title which can grab attention quickly. Also the title should be relevant to what you are covering in your paper or article. It should properly summarize or tell what you are covering in the paper.

Let’s see how the website works:

This is exactly what this title generator does. When you go to this website using the link given at the end of this article, you will see a page like the one seen in the screenshot below.

Enter the topic on which you are writing your paper in the box provided and then click on Generate title button. You will receive results as soon as you click the button. Given below is the screenshot of suggestions on title for the topic entered.

If you are happy with the results then you can choose a title from the ones that have been suggested. Otherwise, you can search again by giving a bit more detail about your topic so the results can be more relevant.

You can enter keywords, phrases, or a brief description of your topic in the box provided. This will help the tool to be more relevant in title suggestions. Once you have a title which you like you can also make creative changes to it on your own. This will help with making the title your own because it will have your inputs as well.


Paper Titles Generator is a nice free tool to write worthy titles for your papers. If you have written a paper for your school or college and you are wondering how to write a appropriate title for it, then try out this website. I’m sure you will find a good attention grabbing title which is also relevant to your topic.

Try out Paper Titles Generator here.

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