Text to Mind Map: Just Add Text to Create Mind Map

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Here is a free online text to mind map tool which lets you just add text to create mind map. Yes, only text is all you need to provide as input and you can generate a beautiful mind map. Also, the mind map is created in real-time. You enter the text and your mind map takes the shape immediately. The tool that provides such feature is called “Text2MindMap” and its name automatically indicates the purpose of this service.

The good thing about this text to mind map is you can also save the text content that you’ve added for mind map as a text file. Apart from that, you can also save your mind map as PNG image to your PC. The tool is very simple but the features are very good. In the screenshot above, you can see a mind map saved as PNG image. It creates transparent PNG to save the mind map. There is a center idea in the middle and nodes (associated ideas) connected with the center idea for the mind map.

mind map created by just adding text

The center idea and nodes are presented with different colors to make the mind map more meaningful.

Using This Free Text to Mind Map Tool to Create Mind Map By Just Adding Text:

Jump to the homepage of this text to mind map tool. The homepage link is added at the end of this review. It doesn’t need any sign up which I like a lot.

Once you’ve opened the homepage, you will see pre-added text on the left part. Based on that text, a mind map is also created which is visible on the right part. Basically, the pre-added text content provides the instructions about how you can create mind map by adding text.

add text and view mind map

For example, you need to use ‘tab‘ to indent lines. Also, you can drag nodes available in the mind map to rearrange them.

So, start adding text of your choice and see the output mind map in real-time. Arrange nodes if needed, change text, add new text, and build your beautiful mind map.

To save the text content, you can use File menu. And for saving the mind map, you need to right-click on it and then select Save as option.

save mind map using right click menu

As I mentioned in starting, your mind map will be saved as PNG image.

The Conclusion:

We’ve already covered so many articles on mind map. We have covered mind mapping software for Windows, mind map maker apps for Windows 10, collaborative mind map websites, etc. But, this online tool has come with a unique feature, which is to create mind map just by adding text. The features to save text and output mind map makes it more useful. You should try it.

Try this service.

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