Grug Notes, A tool for text: simple, fast, self-organizing notes

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Grug Notes is a free note making web application that can help you make your regular notes or to-do lists. I know you might be thinking about what’s new. We can make them in our regular notes app, right? Let me tell you more about it.

In your regular notes application, all you can do is just make your notes and lists any way you want. But there are certain limits to it. This web application helps you self-organize, find articles just by simple prompts or tagging. And what is better than getting your notes on any device you want?

To get this application, all you need to do is:

You need to sign up with your google account.

  • Make your notes or to-do lists for whatever dates you want to execute them.

And that’s it. What more can we do right? Well, the application can as it has a touch of AI too. The AI can help you identify certain stuff from your article like dates, people, companies, locations and other such stuff.

You can see a list of instructions by just clicking on the Grug icon below your screen. You also get shortcut keys to make your work easier.

This website can be easily accessed on both mobile phones and desktops or laptops. So, it is easier for you to access it anywhere, anytime you want. You will not miss any important notes or list. Later you can find it easily by just typing its date or its matter.


It might be a pretty useful application, but there are a few limitations that you might face while using it.

  • Firstly, as the website is still in-works, there are times when you won’t be able to use its features properly.
  • The website’s interface is a bit confusing (according to me). Certain terminologies could have been simpler as they are a bit hard to understand for a normal person.

Apart from these I couldn’t find any other limitation while using this tool.

Let us summarize.

To summarize, Grug Notes can be a useful tool for you if you regularly make notes and most of your important stuff is stored in your notes. It has certain tools that can help you easily reach your tools. The touch of AI makes it even better to use. The application is still in-work so you might face some limitations while using it. It is accessible on both mobile phones and desktops.

In my personal opinion, honestly this tool might be pretty useful for you. But until it is in its working stage it isn’t any better than your regular notes application. Most of its terminology is complex and if you simply want to write notes, just use your regular notes app.

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