5 Free Websites for Breathing Exercises to Beat Anxiety

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The article covers 5 free websites for breathing exercises to beat anxiety. Breathing has several benefits. It does not just help you to live but also provides a number of mental health benefits. Breathing improves your happiness, better sleep, reduce anxiety, lower stress, and improve performance in your daily lives.

So here are some online platforms that provide you either meditation lessons or an online breathing timer. Using these different websites, you get different types of breathing sessions where you can adjust Breath in, Hold breath, Breath out, and Hold Breath. Then, you can sync your breath with the timer to breathe in the right way. By adding more time to the timer, you can compete with yourself. Let’s find out below what all websites are there on the list.

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1. Calm

breathing exercises to beat anxiety

Calm is a free website where you can find the easiest breathing exercises. By following a right breathing pattern, you can prevent yourself from stress, anxiety, and improve other health benefits.

When you open the website, it shows options to sign up or try the website. You can create an account to save your progress. Though, you can practice breathing without signing up too.

Once you go ahead, it prompts you three simple questions that need to answer. You can mention if you are trying this breathing exercise for the first time on Calm. Besides that, you can mention your sleeping position and your top goals to start breathing exercises.

The site lets you improve your happiness, better sleep, reduce anxiety, learn meditation, lower stress, and improve performance. You can select multiple reasons to get started. Thereafter, you will get a few free meditation audio fall under different categories.

You can listen to the audio for different purposes, for example, sleep, meditate, calm body, etc. So, try this website to get mental health benefits.

2. Xhalr

breathing exercises to beat anxiety

Xhalr, in other words, Exhaler is another free web app to learn breathing exercises. The site is quite simple yet powerful enough to beat the anxiety.

When you visit its website, you will see a circle on a screen which gets starts like a timer. The screen suggests you when to inhale and exhale. You can sync your breath with the circle and learn easy breathing exercises.

If you click on the three horizontal lines (on the top right), you will see a number of settings for breathing patterns. Here, you can use a slider to adjust Breath in, Hold breath, Breath out, and Hold Breath. Besides that, you can use a toggle to switch themes and hide words from the screen.

3. Interval Timer

breathing exercises to beat anxiety

Going with Interval Timer website, you can find an interesting collection of breathing exercises. On this website, you can create an online timer or go through the latest timers available for free.

All you just need to click on Latest Timers and it shows a list that includes different types of timers. There are timers like HIIT, Tabata, Rounds, Custom Intervals, and Circuit Training. Each timer has a different intensity of breathing. You can pick any of the timers and start playing it and breathe as the timer suggests.

4. Anti-Stress Maximum Relaxation Breathing Pacer

breathing exercises to beat anxiety

Anti-Stress Maximum Relaxation Breathing Pacer is somewhat like an online breathing game. When you visit the website, it shows a parameter that runs a 15 seconds breathing cycle that goes up and down.

Below you will see a few options to set the time for breathing. You can mention the seconds that you find appropriate for inhalation and exhalation. Besides that, you can set the seconds for pause and hold the breath.

As per the customization, the circle goes up and down and you need to sync your breath with that. It indicates you smartly. When it goes up, you need to inhale, exhale when it goes down and hold your breath when it moves straight ahead. Try this game and improve breathing power.

5. Breath for Anxiety

breathing exercises to beat anxiety

Breath for Anxiety is a simple website that helps you in breathing properly. Using this breathing exercise, you can reduce your stress, anxiety, sleep, and other mental problems.

When you visit its website, it shows a big circle on the screen. This breathing exercise instructs you when to inhale and exhale. On the right, you will see the countdown that you can start. Doing so, you can practice breathing in different breath sessions. Besides that, you can change the theme for a better experience.

In brief

Everyone breathes and this is natural. But in the haste of life, people tend to forget how to breathe properly. Moreover, nowadays, most of the people become a victim of stress and anxiety in which meditation helps a lot. By using these websites, you can practice breathing anytime and anywhere. This will not just reduce your stress but also prevent you from a number of mental illnesses.

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