Free Team Workspace Tool to Manage Projects, Tasks, Contacts Online

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This article covers a free team workspace management tool to manage projects, tasks, and contacts online at one place. This name of this online team workspace tool is Alpas. It combines the productivity of management software with modern design which brings you innovative easy-to-use workspace management. This tool has a feed where it lists all the activities with options to upvote and comments.

In terms of collaboration, you can add up to 5 team members in the free-tier and everyone can do unlimited numbers of messages and comments in the feeds. In terms of projects, you can create any number of projects, add tasks with dependencies, assign tasks, and split tasks. And, in terms of contacts, you can create and manage clients and company contacts and overview projects and tasks per contact. Alpas also has a paid-tier that offers accounting and invoices at $9 per user per month.

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Free Team Workspace Tool to Manage Projects, Tasks, Contacts Online

The dashboard of Alpas is innovatively modern and follows a social media platform like design language. It lists all the tasks from your team in the feeds along with options to like, comments, and split task. The feed is a nice way to keep everybody in the loop and lets everyone easily provide feedback for team collaboration.


Apart from the feeds, the dashboard has buttons to quickly jump to the contacts and projects. On the bottom right corner, it has two buttons. The bell-shaped button is for notifications and the + button is to create a new project, contact, or message to teammates.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the main highlights of Alpas.



At the top of the feeds in the dashboard, Alpas gives you two options; Task and Post. From there, you can create a task with a description and assign it to a teammate. While creating a task, it also asks you to select a project for the task. The post option is to deliver an update, announcement or anything similar. In a post, you can type a message and select a related project for that. All these things appear in the feeds to the entire teams and also sends notifications (if enabled).



In Alpas, you can save contacts related to your team/business. You can create a contact for a client by adding all the necessary contact info (Name, Address, Email, Phone, URL, Social Media, Account, and Related Contact). You can add multiple entries for all these info fields (except for the name, obviously). And, if you are dealing with a company, you can check the box at the top to change the contact type from client to company and feed the information.



Project management is very easy with Alpas. You can easily create a project from the dashboard where you can add Title, Description, Client, Deadline, and Team Members to the project. The client filed fetches the contacts from your contact list and the team member field fetches members listed under your team. The deadline here helps you track the project along with all the progress.


You can add your team members to Alpas from the Settings. There is a Members & Permissions section in the Settings where you can invite teammates via their email addresses to join the team workspace. You can also define the role of each teammate there. All these functions and features, makes the team workspace management simple and quick.

Additional Perks

From the settings, you can pause/resume or delete workspace anytime you want. You can also enable dark mode to make the interface less straining on your eyes in low light conditions. Alpas has an option to create multiple workspaces but it seems to be broken or not available at the moment. So, I’m not yet sure if that’s covered in the free plan or not.

Give this team workspace management tool a try here.

Closing Words:

Alpas is a comprehensive team workspace management tool that lets you manage your team just like your social media. Its innovative feeds are simple and easy for task management and team collaboration. The paid-tier is good enough for small teams. Give it a try and do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Editor Ratings:
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