Free Self Hosted Translation Management System for Teams with API

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Here is a free self hosted translation management platform for teams with API. This translation management system is called Tradoura and it lets you import your translation from various kind of files to manage them with your teams. It supports more than 500 locales and you just import your translations and even deliver them over air with a free API module that it gives you. The tool is free if you are willing to host it on your own server. But if you don’t have a server or technical knowledge to run it then you can rely on its hosted version which is paid.

There are plenty of translation management systems out there which you can use. But they are either paid or offer very few translations in the free version. But Tradoura is free, open source and you can use in the way you want. The API documentation is not very clear at this moment but will be available in a few days. Currently, you can create unlimited projects in this, choose a target locale, import data or create translation terms and add your teammates. You can even assign different roles to them.

A translation management system is a centralized platform where you and your team can work on certain translation projects with ease. You can create content in source language and add reviewers to make sure that they are correct. There are some automated workflows to validate data to make sure that there are no duplicates. And these the things that what you will find in the translation system that I have mentioned below. You can easily create different projects, add translation data, and manage that with your team.

Free Self Hosted Translation Management Platforms for Teams with API

Using this Free Self Hosted Translation Management Platforms for Teams with API:

The best way to install this self hosted translation systems, Tradoura is through Docker. As Docker takes care of all the heavy lifting and all the requirements. If you are a programmer then you can install it from its source and then access it in your browser. You can easily install this on a VPS like DigitalOcean, Linode, etc., and then do your work. So, to begin with the installation process, open the terminal on your server and simply run the following command to clone the code of this tool.

git clone

Git clone tradoura

Now, cd in to the directory of Traduora and start the docker container. But, do note that this process will take a few minutes as it setups all the requirements. In the end, when the process finishes, you can access the tool at “localhost:8080“.

docker-compose up

tradoura docker-compose up

By default there is no account. Simply sign up for an account and then simply start using it. Create a new project and then add the transaction data from files or manually add terms. There are different locales available that you can select based on your needs.

tradoura create a project

In every project, you can import translation data from various kind of files using its interface. Currently, it supports, CSV, XLIFF, Flat JSON, JSON, PHP, YAML, YAML Flat, and other common formats will be available in the coming updates. You can upload files in the correct format that it supports and then it will add the extracted terms in your data Store. It offers you a lightning fast search as well that you will like.

Traduora import translations

At last, there is an API section that you can use to integrate your translation data in third-party apps. It is one of biggest features of this translation system. You can create the API keys in the API section and define the user permission. You can specify access to the generated key as View, Edit, and Admin.

Traduora API keys

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful translation management system. You just install and use its intuitive interface to your work. You can easily invite your teammates there and then simply work with them and collaborate on different projects. However, to invite teammates, you will have to do the email server settings to send and receive the transactional emails and send invites.

Final thoughts

Tradoura is a very nice centralized translation management systems for your teams that you can use. You can work with your team on certain translation projects with ease. Import data from various files in your projects and export the data as well. And API for delivering the data to third-party applications is very nice too. So if you are looking for a free translation management tool for your team then you can give this a try.

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