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Happy ToDos is a free online project management app where you can create to do lists online, assign tasks and monitor progress in real time.

There are a variety of software options available for to do lists. You can use a personal information manager or a day planner software. Someone managing the activities of a group can use project planning applications. Or, you can give Happy Todos a try.

Completely Free Online Project Management Application:

With Happy Todos, there’s nothing to download, all of your data entry is done in your web browser on the Happy Todos website. All you need to do to start managing your projects online is register for free. There isn’t even a confirmation email that you have to respond to.

Easily Manage Projects Online:

With most projects, there’s going to be a number of different tasks to complete within the project. As an example, when I was checking out this online project management application, I set my projects as writing this review. The different tasks that need to be accomplished in order to complete the project include using the application to see what it can do, check out what the website says the software can do, take a variety of screenshots along the way. Finally, I can write the review.

Now, if this were a complex project, done by a team, I can assign different tasks to different people. As an example, I might have a project of wiring a floor of a building with telephone cable. I’ve got five people working with me. I can assign half of the building to one crew and the other half to the other crew. I would break this project down into three tasks. The first task would be to pull the cable. The second task would be to dress the cable in (make it look pretty). The last task would be to terminate the cables on both ends.

Finally, once I assign each of the tasks within the project to members of my team or crew, I can even set schedules for the various tasks. As an example, I gave myself about fifteen minutes to check out the features of Happy Todos and another fifteen minutes to take the screenshots you see here. Finally, I gave myself another fifteen minutes to write the review.

Pros and Cons

Being able to use free online project management application, from a platform with minimal security can be both a plus and a minus. You don’t need to carry around a laptop for project management you can do it from your smartphone. Conversely, someone with bad intentions can break in. There are free other project management software that can be installed on a company server, giving the project database a more secure platform to reside on. You don’t have to hope that a third party company doesn’t go out of business.

Ultimately, the software you decide to go with is your personal choice, though we do believe that web apps are going to be the future. And among them, HappyToDos is a credible software. The ease of use makes it worth a shot.

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