Free AI Research Tool: Get Information as Summarized Cards for any Topic

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10× LLM is a free ChatGPT based AI research tool. It can help you learn any topic quickly. We have covered some AI research tools before but this one here uses a different approach. It creates cards with summaries of important events and key points depending on what topic you give it. It is an ideal tool for history students and those who are into linguistics.

The other research tools generate long documents which can be boring to read and learn from. That’s why 10× LLM here uses the card approach. It generates one or two small liners and displays them in cards. It creates a lot of cards to cover an important topic. And this way, it helps you learn and memorize something 10x faster.

10× LLM is free to use but it requires your own OpenAI API keys. And just to warn you, I must say that to do what it does, it will consume more tokens than usual summarizing tools. So, before using it, make sure that you have limits set in your OpenAI accounts to avoid unexpected invoices.

Free AI Research Tool: Get Information as Summarized Cards for any Topic

Go to the main website of 10× LLM here. Now, simply enter a topic you want to study or research. Hit the enter key and then it will ask you to enter the OpenAI API key. Paste the key and save the changes. Do not worry, the API key is stored in browser and you can remove it as well after you are done.

10x LLM Save API Key

After a few seconds, you will see that it will generate a series of cards. You will also notice that the cards align in a specific column which corresponds to a sub topic. And then the cards explain that subtopic one or two liners.

10x LLM Cards with Infor Generated

When you click on any card then it will again explain that to you with the help of cards. This way, you can progress in learning a concept or a topic. Just keep doing it and it will keep generating cards for you. This is as simple as that.

10x LLM More Info Cards

When you are done, you can simply remove the key. Click the gear icon at the top right side and then remove the key that you added earlier.

10x LLM Remove API Key

In this way, you can use this tool to do research for any topic and break it down into small pieces in the forms of cards to make it easy to remember and learn. You can use it for any topic and then it will help you like this every time. A little downside is that for now there is no option to export the data that it generates. You will have to keep the browser tab until you are finished.

Closing thoughts:

If you are a school or college student then this tool is going to help you a lot in learning and understanding a topic. If you don’t like turning pages of a thick book then just open this tool. Enter the topic you’d like to learn or know about and it will summarize for you in the form of cards. I really liked the concept and I personally find it very effective for learning.

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