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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a free online music streaming platform to collaboratively create YouTube and SoundCloud playlists. It allows you to add tracks from SoundCloud and videos from YouTube to create a common playlist for both of these different media platforms. The best part is that you can share this common YouTube and SoundCloud playlist with anyone and then he/she will be able to stream music from it directly without even registering on It adds some extra tweaks in the playlist as well like collaborators can upvote a track and the most upvoted songs are displayed on top of the playlist. Apart from this exciting feature, you can also discover some fresh music in it as it is more like an online music community.

collaboratively create youtube and soundcloud playlists

Previously, I also covered a similar service called Openwhyd (formerly Whyd) to create playlists from SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, etc. What separates it out from the previous service is that it allows you to collaboratively create playlists by adding SoundCloud and YouTube tracks. Yes, of course, Openwhyd supports more music platforms as compared to but the feature to collaboratively create playlists is what excites me more.

How to collaboratively create SoundCloud and YouTube playlist using is an online music community where users share SoundCloud and YouTube tracks to create collaborative playlists. To create a collaborative SoundCloud and YouTube playlist, you will need to create a Village first. Basically, a Village is a group of collaborators that create a playlist by adding tracks from SounCloud and YouTube. You can also discover the best music from other villages like SOULECTION, OKAYPLAYER, etc. After creating a Village, you can share its URL with other people to add them as collaborators or members of the Village. You can add any number of collaborators and the changes are reflected in the real-time.

Note: Save the Village URL as it doesn’t give you the option anywhere in your profile to visit the Village. However, the URL is very simple and easy to remember.

collaboratively create youtube and soundcloud playlist- villagefm main interface

After logging in it, you will see a playlist section on its left part and a feeds section on the right, as you can see in the screenshot above. The playlist section includes the most upvoted tracks from all over the village. To play a song just click on it. You can move to the next and previous song from the music controls that appears on top of the playlist section.

You can also share your favorite music from YouTube and SoundCloud by sharing their URL. To share a SoundCloud or YouTube track on, copy its URL and then paste it on its posts section that appears above music feeds section. You can also add a description of the track and tag your fellow villagers/users. After that, click on Post button to share the track.collaboratively create youtube and soundcloud playlist- add track to playlist

After you have added/posted a song, it is added at the last of playlist. Your posted song will move up the ladder if it gets upvotes from other users. Users can also comment on your shared tracks.

Verdict: is a free online music streaming service to collaboratively create YouTube and SoundCloud playlists. Join this online music community to discover some new music. The real fun in is that if your shared track gets more upvotes then your song in its playlist will move up. Overall, it’s a good place to stream music and curate playlist from SoundCloud and YouTube on the same place.


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