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Whyd is a free music streaming website to find, share, and stream music. It is more of music streaming social network, where you can share music that you like with other Whyd users across the globe, and connect to them. Using this website, you can share music tracks from YouTube, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and more. This is a good website for sharing music. You can find new people, and subscribe to one’s who have same music interest as you do, play the tracks which they shared, like, comment, add tracks to your playlist, share tracks in Facebook or Twitter, and manage your playlists.

To make the website more useful, and also for making it easy to share music, this web service goes one more step further and provides an extension for your browser, which you can install and then share music from any music streaming website, directly.

Whyd - free music streaming website

Discover, plays, and share music using this music streaming social network:

The concept behind Whyd, is pretty promising. It is a social network which is dedicated to finding, sharing and streaming music. A good website to connect people who have same taste in music. You need to register first in the website before using it. Signing-up is totally free and it takes few minutes to do so. You can either sign-up using email or through your Facebook account. Once, you sign-up, to get started, it gives you music genres to choose, so that the service can connect you to some other users who have same interests as you do.

Whyd - signup

Like every other social network, such as Facebook and Twitter, this music streaming website also, lets you comment, share, and like the tracks shared by your friends in the Whyd network. Plus, it also lets you add the shared music track into your Whyd playlist.

This is a good social network, to find some really good sound tracks, which you haven’t listened to, yet. The website has a Search box, which you can use to find any music track, playlist, or a Whyd user. The search results are pretty good and relevant. Though, the speed of search depends on your internet speed.

Whyd - search and search results

Once you found a Whyd user who has the same interest as you do, you can then subscribe to him/her, so that you can start getting all of his/her latest music shares. Similarly, you can also send invitations to your friends in Facebook and Twitter, so that they can also subscribe to you.

Whyd - comments, like, and sharing track

Not only that, you can just simply find and share the music tracks. But, you can also play tracks within the website. No matter which source the track is from, you can play them within Whyd website. The website has all necessary playback control buttons, which include: pause, play, previous, next, shuffle, and full screen. Simply, click on a track to start playing it. The website, plays track at the bottom of interface.

One vital feature that makes the website even more usable and fast, is the ability to add it as an extension to your browser. Using this extension you can, directly share the music from any other music streaming website into Whyd, without opening Whyd website. All you need to do is, open the page of the track in one of the music streaming website and, click on the extension to add the track to your playlist.

Whyd - adding new track to Whyd from YouTube

To get Whyd extension installed, simply click on drop down button besides your profile image (top right corner) and click on Install “Add track” button.

Key features of this free music streaming website:

  • Good website to stream music free.
  • Free registration, and share music with others.
  • Share music from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Soundcloud etc.
  • Like, comment, add to playlist and share music track.
  • Discover and subscribe users.
  • Use Whyd extension to share music easily.
  • Stream music in the website itself.

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Whyd, certainly is a good music streaming website. It does connects people who have same interest in music and helps in finding new tracks. It’s a pretty good start. Though I missed the chatting option, which could have the website even more fun. All in all, a very good music streaming website.

Try Whyd here.

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