Analyze Digital Contracts using AI to Extract Key Clauses for Free

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Zuva Contracts AI is a free online AI based tool that takes contract documents from you and identifies the key clauses from it and then shows you the details about them. In short, it makes it easy for you to go through a long contract document. It kind of generates a summary of the contract that you can easily read and analyze. It supports different kind of contracts from credit terms to privacy policies.

This online tool is using a sophisticated AI algorithm under the hood that analyzes PDF files, runs OCR, and extracts key clauses from the contracts. It then collects important text corresponding to the extracted clauses and show them to you. The best part is that it is completely free and you don’t even have to create a free account to get started. However, it can take a long time to process a document if it is quite large. But in the end, the generated results are very accurate.

Summarize Digital Contracts using AI to Extract Key Clauses for Free

How to Analyze Digital Contracts using AI to Extract Key Clauses for Free?

You can try this website here on this URL. Start by uploading a contract document. If you don’t have any documents and you still want to test it out first, then you can start with a sample document. You can Google some sample documents or use the ones that this tool provides itself.

zuva ai contracts home

After uploading a document, select its category from the main screen. Here is the list of contract document categories that this website supports for processing via AI.

  1. Lease Terms
  2. Vendor/Supplier Contract Terms
  3. Customer Contracts – RevOps Terms
  4. Customer Contracts – Finance/Ops/Privacy Terms
  5. M&A Diligence Terms
  6. Credit Agreement Terms
  7. Employment Agreement Terms

Give it some time to analyze your document. After processing the text and OCT, it will show you the final result. It will show you all the key feilds extracted in a dropdown.

zuva ai contracts extracted feilds and clauses

You select a field from the dropdown and then see the corresponding information about it. This is as simple as that. Depending on what field or clause select from the dropdown, it will show on what pages it is mentioned and then you can read more about it there.

zuva ai contracts explanation

In this way, you can now use this simple website to process and analyze contract documents using AI. Just upload them and then simply let it do the rest. It can easily summarize any contract for you and then you can go through that quickly.

Final thoughts:

If your job entails going through many contracts in a day, then now you can try using this tool I have mentioned here. Just upload a document and it will simplify it for you. It will make it easier to go through the important terms in the contract and will eventually save you a lot of time.

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