Use TikTok’s AI Video Script Generator to Create Scripts for Short Videos

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TikTok has launched a free AI tool that can create video scripts in a matter of seconds. This new tool, Script Generator, is available to all TikTok Creative Center users with a valid Business account. You simply enter some information about the services or products that you or your company provides, and then choose whether you want the video script for a short (15-30 second) or long (31-60 second) clip. It will then generate a few scripts and you can decide the best one that fits your case. Or you can always re-run the tool again to generate other set of video scripts if the first batch was unsatisfactory.

In the world of social media, TikTok continues to go beyond expectations with its ability to captivate and engage hindreds of millions of users worldwide. As an essential platform for content creators and businesses, now they have recently launched an amazing AI tool, Script Generator. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence to simplify the process of video script writing. And in this, post, we shall take a deep dive into the details of this incredible feature of TikTok Creative Center.

If you often struggle with innovative and captivating scripts for videos, then worry no more. With TikTok’s Script Generator, you will be able to generate attention-grabbing videos via AI scripts. The tool is available to all TikTok Creative Center users, no matter where you are. TikTok Business Creative Center is equipped with a video editor as well and you can start creating your video here with ease.

Use TikTok's AI Video Script Generator to Create Scripts for Short Videos

How it Works:

Using Script Creator is so simple. Once you have logged into your TikTok Business account, launch the Script Generator from under the Creation menu.

launch script editor

Now, when its main interface opens, you need to specify the details/information about that services or products you sell. Here you basically need to specify information about the business, product, its features, etc.

TikTok Script Generator Product Details

In the more advanced settings, you can also provide a list of keywords for it to consider. And then you need to select either a 15-30 second or 31-60 second clip to generate the script.

TikTok Script Generator Specify Video Length Keywords

After submitting the information, let the AI algorithm do its work. After a few seconds, it will generate a number of scripts based on the input parameters. Also, if none of the generated scripts meet your expectations, you can re-run the process, and it will generate new variations of the script to help you find the perfect fit.

AI Video Script Generated

You can just copy any script to the clipboard and then use that anywhere you like.

copy and use script

In this way, you can keep using this new Script Creator tool of TikTok Creative Center. It is a game-changer for both experienced creators and newbies. By simplifying the video script writing process, this tool saves time and creative energy, that would otherwise would take hours.


Crafting the perfect message to showcase products or services is crucial in today’s digital landscape. With this new script creator tool of TikTok Creative Center, individuals and businesses can create impactful and persuasive video ads that align with their brand’s message. It will definitely help to boost the engagement and attention of potential customers. TikTok’s Script Generator shows advancement in content creation by leveraging the power of AI to simplify and streamline script writing. So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the future of video content creation with TikTok’s Script Creator now!

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