5 Free Password Generator Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free password generator apps for iPhone which will help you get strong passwords that cannot be cracked easily.

Passwords have become one of the most crucial and necessary part of our lives ever since we have started interacting online. You always need a password to manage and prevent your personal information on the internet be it logging in to some social networking site, doing online transactions, online shopping, booking tickets, doing professional or personal things. In short, passwords are everywhere and let me tell you this one thing that if your passwords are not strong enough then any hacker will take just a few minutes to screw your life. Since passwords are the only barrier for anyone who would like to access your details by illegal means, its very important to have a strong password. Mostly people use common things like names, numbers, etc. as their passwords, which are very easy to crack for the hackers. Therefore, we compiled a list of 5 free password generator apps for iPhone so you could generate numerous strong passwords for any of your online accounts.

1. Free Password Generator!:

Free Password Generator!

The first password generator app for iPhone is Free Password Generator!. This app lets you generate the passwords starting from 2 characters up to 64 characters. To generate the passwords, you simply need to enter the length of characters for desired passwords and some other criteria. You can choose whether you want to have Lowercase letters, Uppercase Letters, Numbers, Special Characters, and Similar Character or not. You can choose any combination of any of these criteria to get more and more passwords. After specifying the criteria, simply tap on Generate Passwords and see the results. This app generates 9 to 15 passwords at one time but you can tap on Generate Passwords again and again to get new passwords.

The app also has a button labeled as +10. This option jumps to the password which is after the 10 passwords. You can use this option to go through all the passwords quickly instead of going through each of them and then scrolling the screen.

Get Free Password Generator! here.

2. Password-Generator:


The second password generator app in the list is Password-Generator. The unique thing about the app is that it lets you generate passwords of practically unlimited characters with any combination of following criteria: Show Phonetics, Include Lower Case, Include Upper Case, Include Numbers, Include Punctuation. To generate password, you need to enter the desired number of characters for password in the given text box. This generates 1 password at one time.

The app also displays phonetics for each generated password which makes it a little easier to remember the password. You can also send the password to your email address from within the app if you still find it difficult to remember the password.

Get Password-Generator here.

3. Passwords – Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator:

Passwords - Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator

The third app Passwords – Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator is similar to the above mentioned app in the list but with a few limitations. The first restriction is that you can’t generate password with length more than 8 characters in free version of the app. The app also doesn’t let you send the password through email in free version. Apart from this, you can use this app to generate as many passwords as you want until you violate any of the two restrictions.

Get Passwords – Random Password Keycode Passphrase Generator here.

4. PwGen Password Generator:

PwGen Password Generator

The second last app is PwGen Password Generator. This main screen of the app only has options for generating the password. If you ever want to make any changes to the criteria for generating the password, then you need to go to the main Settings option of your iPhone/iPod Touch. From the main Settings, you can choose Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers, and Special Characters. The app lets you generate password with character length anywhere between 4 to 22 with option of choosing number of passwords to be shown in one time. You can choose from following options: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100.

If you want to reinitialize the random number generator to generate fresh passwords, then you can do so by tapping on Reseed option from home screen of the app. You can also copy the password to clipboard or send it via email by tapping on the password.

Get PwGen Password Generator here.

5. Password Generator : MAX SECURITY:

Password Generator : MAX SECURITY

Password Generator : MAX SECURITY is the final password generator app for iPhone in this list. This app lets you generate the passwords for up to 25 characters in length. You can choose from 4 criteria for generating passwords: Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, and Punctuations. This app also generates 1 password at a time. You can copy the password and also send it via mail. The app has an in-built library where you can save the passwords you like for future use.

Get Password Generator : MAX SECURITY here.

These were the 5 free password generator apps for iPhone using which you can generate secure and strong passwords for any of your online activities. Try them out and do mention the name of the app which you like the most.

And if you are thinking that the passwords generated by these apps are quite difficult to remember and you will forget them, then use any of these 5 free password manager apps for iPhone so that you don’t need to remember all the passwords.

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