5 Best Online Beard Simulator To Try Virtual Facial Hair

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“What would I look like with a beard?”, do you have this question in your mind? Well, now you can find that out with these 5 Websites with online beard simulator. In this article, we’ll cover 5 Best Online Beard Simulator To Try Virtual Facial Hair. With these beard simulator websites, you can try different facial hairs and see how they look on you. The fun part is, you can also add animated beard on your face and share that photo on social media with your friends. To double the fun, check out these Websites To Try On Virtual Hairstyles. If you are using an Android phone, you can do the same with these Free Android Apps To Try Different Hairstyles.

Without further ado, let’s find out what these websites have to offer.


Ukhairdressers.com is a hair styling website. It has a beard simulator where you can try different virtual beard on your face. Trying beard is very easy in this simulator. Just upload a photo of your face. Use a simple photo in which you are looking forward towards the camera. Then add beard to your photo by selecting a beard style you want to try on from the side panel. That beard will be added to your face.

You can further adjust the beard to make it perfect and more natural looking. Just below the photo preview, there are different buttons to adjust the beard. You can manage beard width, height, and size according to your face. You can also save your photo with the beard on and share it on social media platforms directly from there.

This is the best online beard simulator on this list. Go ahead and try it out here.


Ampersandre is another online beard simulator with source available on Github. In this online beard simulator, you can upload a photo or you can use your webcam to take a photo. In the beard list, this beard simulator has 5 beard styles. It includes some famous personalities whose beard styles are very famous. Those beard styles are

  • John Nilson (Canadian Politician)
  • Zach Galifianakis (The guy from Hangover movies)
  • Dr. House (Gregory House from American television series, House)
  • Hunger Games Guy
  • Just For Man

You can easily adjust a beard to fit perfectly on your face. After that, you can download the photo as well and share it on Facebook directly from there.

Try it out here.


Next entry in this list of online beard simulator websites is Manuary.me. This website is solely designed for trying virtual facial hair. With 3 simple steps, you can have your photo with an awesome beard. The first step is to upload your photo in the beard simulator. Next step is to add beard to your photo. You can select any beard type from the following options:

  • Real beards
  • Illustrated beards
  • Freepik beards

You can adjust the dimensions of the beard to make a perfect fit. After that, the last step is to download that photo. In the last step, enter your name and email address, complete a captcha, and click on Submit to download the photo.

You can try it out here.


Cbc.ca is a news website that also has an online beard simulator. You can try various types of facial hair on your face by uploading a photo. You can also rotate your photo in case you have your photo in landscape mode to make it portrait. Then select a beard style from the beard list. The beard list has following beard styles:

  • DeLaet (Graham DeLaet who is a Canadian professional golfer with famous beard style)
  • Ryan Gosling (Famous Celebrity)
  • Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter character)
  • Santa Claus

The DeLaet beard style also has right-view and left-view along with front-view. So, you can use it for those photos which are taken from either side of your face. Then, like every other beard simulator, you can download the photo with the beard to your device. It also has a Facebook share button; with that you can directly post your photo on Facebook.

You can try out this online beard simulator here.


The last entry in this list of free online beard simulator is Mustachified.com. As you already got the idea from the name itself. It is an online simulator to try out different mustache and beard styles. All the items in this simulator are illustrations. It also has other items such as hats, spectacles, etc. This website is basically to create funny photos.

To create a photo with beard and mustache, all you have to do is, upload your photo and select the illustration that you want to add. You can adjust the dimensions of an illustration to make it fit perfectly on your face. After adding beard, mustache, or other things, you can download the photo by clicking on Grab it button.

Try this beard simulator here.

Closing Words:

All these websites with online beard simulator are straightforward and easy to work with. You can try various beard styles on your face and can download your photo with the beard style you like. Try them out yourself and have fun.

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