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Here are 2 free online annoying text maker. You can use them to convert normal text to annoying text. When you enter a normal text into these websites, they will use some crazy text fonts and generate text which will be annoyingly difficult to read. The online annoying text generator which I will use in this post for generating annoying text are “MahLyfeMahRulezz” and “Crazy Text Maker“. The first one generates pretty annoying text, but if you want to annoy your friends even more, then the second one is your buddy.

These websites can come in handy if you want to simply confuse your friends by sending messages with annoying text. The nuisance doesn’t stop here, as you can also generate annoying text and post on social networks. So, basically, you can annoy people globally.

online annoying text generator

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Now, let us take a look at the online annoying text generator and see how to use them for generating annoying text.


MahLyfeMahRulezz is no doubt one of the best online annoying text generator which can help you easily generate annoying text from normal text. You can simply browse this website and there you will see an input box. In that, enter the normal text which you want to convert into annoying text. As soon as you do that, you will see that the annoying text is ready in the right box. The best part is that it works in real-time, which means as you type anything in the left box, it will also change into something annoying in the right box.

To create annoying text, this website replaces some alphabets with numbers, and replaces some words with custom text. For example, “my” is changed to “mAH”, and “text” is changed to “T3Xt”.

When you have converted your text to annoying text, you can simply copy it, and paste it anywhere you want. As there are no special fonts involved, so you can paste it anywhere you can paste normal text.

Despite making the text annoying, the beauty of this annoying text maker is that the text that it creates is still readable. That is more than what can be said about the service below.

Crazy Text Maker:

Crazy Text Maker is another free online annoying text generator. One thing that can be said about this service is that the text that it generates is really annoying. In fact, in a lot of cases, you would be hard pressed to understand what the text actually means! I guess that’s the whole point of generating annoying text, isn’t it?

When you go to homepage of this annoying text maker, you will see a text box at the top. Just type the text that you want to convert to annoying text. As soon as you do that, you will see that it will give a lot of variations of that text. Most of the variations are not really annoying, but the truly annoying one is in the second box below your text. You can see that highlighted in the screenshot above.

As was the case with the previous annoying text maker, this one also starts generating annoying text as soon as you start typing. And once the text has been generated, you can copy it anywhere you want, as this one also does not use any special fonts.

Closing Words:

It was quite some fun to play around with these annoying text generators. I troubled some of my friends by sending them cryptic messages generated by these annoying text makers. Even though both of these generate annoying text, but the output of first one is simpler to understand, while the second one is truly annoying. So, depending on level of craziness you want to exhibit in your messages, you can choose the corresponding annoying text maker.

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