8 Free Online Poetry Generator for Kids

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In this blog post, you will read about free online poetry generator for kids. For this, I’m covering 8 free websites that help you to make interesting poems. There are several categories such as Acrostic, Free verse, Haiku, Limerick, Autobiographical poem, Short biography poem, Kids writing prompts and others.

Kids can find these poem generators fun to use. The poem generators require a few keywords so that you can get a story in a poem. Besides creating poetry for kids, you can generate online Haiku poems as well. The sites enable you to make different types of poem.

But first, let’s check out the list of online poetry generator for kids.

1. K5 Computer Lab

create poetry for kids

K5 Computer Lab is an online poetry generator for kids. The site is focused on providing technology lessons to students.

Among all the lessons, there is a poem generator which you can use to create poems. You can generate poems in different aspects. Kids can learn to create an autobiographical poem, short biography poem, kids writing prompts, etc.

The site provides you a format where you can fill in the blanks in order to complete a poem. Here, you will find three stanzas where it specifies what phrase you should put in the blanks. After completing your stanzas, you can go to create a poem.

2. KidPort

create poetry for kids

KidPort is another good online poetry generator for kids. The site is simple to create a poem for students. The poem generator requires your name. Also, it makes you enter a few words. The drop-down helps you to select appropriate words.

As stated above, here, you can write an animal name, your favorite color, favorite thing, place, etc. Once you enter all words with the help of drop down, you can click on create poem. And the poem generator prepares complete poetry right there as shown above.

3. Poem Generator

create poetry for kids

Poem Generator is one of the good websites. It is an online poetry generator for kids. The site enables you to create poems of different types. You can create Acrostic, Free verse, Haiku, Limerick and others.

In order to create an amazing poem, you can choose any of the categories. The poem generator prompts you to mention a few keywords. The keywords can be mentioned with the help of suggestions as well. You can fill the entire form as per the question. Thereafter, you can create poetry which you can save and share on social media.

4. Magnetic Poetry

create poetry for kids

Magnetic Poetry is a website which uses the unique idea of creating poems. The site offers a kit of words. The words are scattered exactly like jumble words. Here, Kids will have to pick up these words to settle down in a frame.

You can shuffle the words. To do so, you can click on the More Words. Then, the poem generator provides you words that belong to a different idea. You can drag and drop the word on the left to create a meaningful poem. Also, you can save and share it on Facebook.

5. KidloLand

create poetry for kids

KidloLand is a simple poetry generator for kids. The site creates a poem based on baby names. You can consider it as an Acrostic poem generator. Here, you just need to enter a baby name or some other keyword. You can write 13 characters maximum. Then, the poem generator prepares a poem along with a cute picture. Also, you can download the poetry.

6. Poetry Machine

create poetry for kids

Poetry Machine is an online poetry generator for kids. The site lets you create different types of poems such as Limerick, Acrostic, Quatrain, Concrete, Haiku, etc.

You can pick any category available on the website. And after that, you can mention the title of the poem. Also, you can add lines of poetry.

However, the poem generator does not provide any suggestion. How you just can enter your poem to make it in a frame.

7. Acrostic Poem

create poetry for kids

Acrostic Poem is another poetry generator for kids. As the name suggests, the site lets you create a poem in the form of an acrostic.

It is easy to make a poem with this poem generator. All you need to enter is a keyword. The keyword can be your name as well. Then, you can generate poetry. Also, you can shuffle the poem.

8. Name Poem Generator

create poetry for kids

Name Poem Generator is a free website to make poems. Here, you can use this online poetry generator for kids. The site requires you to enter your name. Also, you can select the poem style. You can make funny as well as a motivational poem using this poem generator. Here, you can mention a keyword. Then, you can hit the generate button in order to create a name poem.

In brief

The online poem generators are amazing to use. Kids will definitely love creating poems using these websites. Teachers and parent can also try these websites to make their children write poems. It will help kids in brainstorming as the generators require keywords. So try these websites and create poems online.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 4.2]

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