4 Free Online Google Sheets Alternatives

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Here is a list of 4 free online Google Sheets alternatives. These alternatives let you create spreadsheets online with ease and let them share with others. These websites offer a wide range of features so that you can create effective and efficient spreadsheet without any need of installing any software on your PC. All these alternatives are also good enough to perform different actions on the data saved in the spreadsheet.

Although they all are unique in terms of features and tools that they provide, so let’s get started with them one by one.

1. Excel Online by Microsoft:

Excel Online

Excel Online by Microsoft is the web version of the most popular office suite MS Office. You can use it by registering for a Microsoft account and if you have one, you can also use the same. It is exactly the same as Excel in offline MS Office suite and you can use same Microsoft account to do the syncing between them. It lets you create a new workbook or use any of the existing templates to work on. You can also import Excel sheets from OneDrive account.

For working on any spreadsheet, the options are divided across following categories: Home, Insert, Data, Review, View. It has all those options which you find in MS Excel so you won’t feel like a stranger to it. You can share the spreadsheet with anyone via URL and set the access controls for the viewers. You can keep the setting as View Only, Edit or Public.

2. Zoho Sheet:

Zoho Sheets

The next Google Sheet alternative is Zoho Sheet. It is a part of Zoho Office Suite and can be accessed online. It lets you create a new spreadsheet and also upload existing ones. While uploading, it lets you choose whether you want to keep the original format or change it to Zoho Sheet format. The Zoho Sheet has divided all the tools and options into 9 categories: Home, Format, Insert, Formulas, Data, Review, View, Macros and Share. All these categories name are self-explanatory. You can access the sub-options by either clicking on the main category or by using the drop-down menu.

Zoho Sheet also gives you the option to share the created spreadsheet. You can also choose to embed the spreadsheet on any website or blog. The other option is to publish the sheet which will give you a URL which you can share with anyone. You can also set access power for the users whether they can only view the sheet or even edit it.

3. Only Office:

Only Office

The third Google Sheets alternative for you is Only Office. It is a very feature-rich online office suite which has really good spreadsheet editor. It doesn’t have specific categories for options and you will find all the options spread out on the main interface. You can simply hover over the option icons to see what feature that particular icon or option performs. This might feel tiresome initially but once you know which option is where, you will find Only Office Spreadsheet Editor to be really useful.

4. Ethercalc:


Ethercalc is the last alternative to Google Sheets in this list. It is a spreadsheet editor which has no manual save feature, it comes with auto-save. Whenever you will create a new spreadsheet, it will open in a new tab with a unique URL. You can start working on the spreadsheet straight away and share the URL with anyone to collaborate. The cool thing is that Ethercalc supports real-time collaboration.

As for the editing options, it has following categories of options: Edit, Format, Sort, Audit, Comment, Names, Clipboard and Graph. Clicking on the categories will show you all the options within it. You can choose to use the options by clicking on them.

Here, I conclude the list of 4 free Google Sheets alternatives which you can use to create spreadsheets on the move. These websites will also save you from the hassle of installing software. So give them a try now :-)

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