5 Free ePub Reader Windows 10 Apps

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This article includes a list of free ePub reader Windows 10 apps. ePub as we all know is a short for electronic publication. These files have a file extension .epub in them. This type of file format is used to publish books and other content. The content in ePub files can adapt to fit the screen space available. You need different software or apps to open and read these ePub files on your phones, tablets, or computers. A lot of eBooks are now available in ePub format. So you need ePub reader apps to read these files or eBooks.

Therefor, we have come up with this list of ePub reader Windows 10 apps which are free to download from the Windows 10 store. All the apps are quite easy to use and let you read ePub format files. Let’s look at these apps below.


freda is a nice app to read ePub format files. freda is a eBook reader which supports file formats like ePub, Mobi, FB2, HTML, and Text. The interface of the app looks like the screenshot above. Left side of the app has a menu where you can see the bookshelf with already existing books, the sources of the books, change some settings etc. On the right side of the app you will notice a folder icon. Clicking this folder icon will bring up the browse window. Now browse and select a ePub format file. It will open up on the app interface for you to read. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

There are lot of options which pop up when you click the three dot icon at the bottom right corner. These options can also be seen in the above screenshot. You can customize the font and colors, font size, add bookmarks, switch chapters, add highlights, text-to-speech, line spacing, etc. The app reads ePub files easily keeping all the formatting of the document intact. The images and diagram in ePub files is displayed properly as well. The file I uploaded had video embedded as well, which this app was not able to display. Apart from uploading your ePub files from the PC, you can also access your eBook collection from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Calibre. freda can also fetch eBooks from your email attachments.


EPUB BUCH Viewer is a nice app to view ePub files. The app displays ePub files with proper formatting. Even the video and audio embedded in the file can be played with in the app. You can see an ePub file open in the app interface in the screenshot above. The image in the center of the page is actually a video which was playing at the time. The options at the top right corner let you increase of decrease the font size of the content. You can open a new eBook from there as well. That is all the options this app has. It supports two eBook formats which are ePub and BUCH.

Bookviser Reader

Bookviser Reader is a nice ePub reader app. The interface of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. The homepage shows all the pre-loaded eBooks in this app. You have to click on the add book tile which will ask you to choose a book from either your online catalog or local storage. Choose local storage and you will have to choose a ePub file to upload. Once the file is uploaded it will appear on the home interface. Click on the book title to open it. The ePub file opens in a book like format which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Here you can easily read the book and get a feeling of reading a real book. When you right click on this page the a top and bottom toolbar will appear. You get options to bookmark, highlight, add notes, change font size, font color, read the content out loud, etc. You can easily flip the page of the book by clicking anywhere on the page.

ePub3 Reader

ePub3 Reader is a good ePub reader app. The reading interface of the app can be seen in the screenshot above. On the home screen of the app you will find an option to import an eBook at the bottom right corner. Click on that and select a ePub book to upload. You can categorize the books you upload easily. Once the book is uploaded, click on the book tile to open the reading mode. The reading mode is pretty simple, and you can flip pages by clicking the arrow icon at either sides of the screen. Right clicking on the page will bring up the app commands which can also be seen in the screenshot above. The app commands will let you bookmark a page, show you table of content, and bookmarks list. All ePub versions are supported by this app. The formatting of the document is maintained.

Ultra File Opener

Ultra File Opener lets you view a lot of file formats in it. It supports over 200 file formats. ePub is also among these supported file formats. You can easily upload and open a ePub file in this file opener. The reader interface can be seen in the screenshot above. When you start this app you will need to click on open a file option. Then browse and select your ePub file. Once the file is uploaded it will open in the reader interface. On this interface you can zoom in or out, make the app full screen, choose to view single page, or two pages at once, option to go to the next page, etc. From the file menu given at the top you can also change the eBook and upload another one. Change the view mode using the view option, see the table of content, add a bookmark, etc.


These are the 5 free ePub reader Windows 10 apps which you can use to read your ePub format files. A lot of books now days are published in this format, and you do require a reader to open these files. For Windows 10 users any of these apps can work nicely. So try them out.

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