Windows 8 Entertainment App for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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The Daily Show Headlines, is a free Windows 8 Entertainment App for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If you are a fan of The Daily Show, then this is the app for you. Using this Windows 8 Entertainment app you can watch most popular, most recent videos clips from The Daily Show. This app, brings the highlight coverage of The Daily Show right in your Windows 8 devices, with headline of past two weeks and extended interviews. Plus you can also see quick recap of The Daily Show in 60 seconds, quotes from the Show’s top moments, and watch some exclusive videos of correspondents, guests and Jon Stewart himself.

The Daily Show Headlines

For those, who don’t know about The Daily Show. Well, it’s a late night show airing each Monday to Thursday on Comedy Central. The show mainly focuses on politics and draws comedy and satire from political figures, media organizations, recent news stories etc. This is the longest running show on Comedy Central and has won 18 Prime time Emmy Awards. You can know more about the show here.

Specifications of this Windows 8 Entertainment App:

The app is a well made app, and is specially good for The Daily Show’s fans. Not only it brings latest videos, and funny quotes, but also it nicely integrates with the Windows 8 Search, Settings, and Share Charms. So, you can use these to search any specific videos and share them with friends.

Just like the show, this Windows 8 Entertainment app, brings the headlines of past two weeks. There are most popular and most recent clips from the show. These clips are the ones that are most viewed and liked. Plus you can also watch the comments, quotes and satires made by Jon Stewart himself on a particular topic, and there are these extended interviews covering more details of the interview, The Daily Show in 60 seconds, and correspondents report clips. You can get only videos of the show, and no textual articles.

The Daily Show Headlines - main screen

This Windows 8 Entertainment app is fast, and well designed. The Main screen contains tiles of clips of the show containing a snap related to topic, and a headline; that pretty much explains what the video is about.

Simply launch the app, and you’ll get Main Screen, containing Most Popular, Most Recent, Quotes, Extended Interviews, The Daily Show in :60 Seconds, On Topic, and Correspondents Explain labels. These are kind of categories/ toggles, containing there respective videos. You can click on any of these and get videos of only that category (kind of filtering).

The Daily Show Headlines - most popular category

Simply click on a video to watch it. The video gets played in full screen, which is good. But there’s only play, pause, and volume control buttons for the videos. A good thing here, is: you can also watch related videos from the same screen without jumping back to main screen or any other category. All you have to do is, simply right click on this screen, and you’ll get the related videos in a flyout at the top. A cool thing that I liked at this point is you can share a video you liked with friends. Simply press Win + H keys to open up Windows 8 Share Charm. The receiver of the video actually gets a website URL of the same video in

The Daily Show Headlines - share

Watching videos in full screen, was fun. The videos are funny and hard hitting for example Shutstorm 2013, Medican’t. Even the guest and the correspondent clips are comical. Plus you can also get The Best of Jon Stewart clips.

Key features of this Windows 8  Entertainment App:

  • Available for free.
  • Latest coverage of The Daily Show and shows highlight clips.
  • Integrated with Windows 8 Search, Share and Settings Charms.
  • Watch videos in full screen.
  • Multiple categories to choose from.
  • Good UI.
  • Easy to use.

Following is a screenshot of search in a clip using the Windows 8 Search Charm:

The Daily Show Headlines - search

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Final Note:

The Daily Show Headlines, sure is a good Windows 8 Entertainment app, and as most of the people do watch it, so, they’ll find it handy. It’s a good way to watch any clips that you missed or want to watch again, and stay updated with the latest of The Daily Show. All though I feel that there should be some complete episodes as well. This Windows 8 entertainment app is present under the Entertainment category in Windows Store. You can use Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app or click here.

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