Official OneNote App For Windows 8

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The official OneNote app for Windows 8 allows you to keep all you ideas and notes in one place using a easy and pleasant interface. This note taking app for Windows 8 saves all your notes to the cloud so that you can access them whenever they are needed from anywhere. The app is really fluid and slick that provides you with a pleasing note taking experience on your Windows 8 device.

OneNote app for Windows 8 provide you with all the features that you would expect from an immersive note taking app. You can both write or draw in the app to quickly note down an important note.

OneNote app for Windows 8 allows you to makes lists, draw, take pictures, format, search etc. The interface of this app for Windows 8 is really intuitive, simple, and easy to use specially if you are using it on a touch enabled device.

get OneNote App For Windows 8

You can get this brilliant note app from the Windows Store from the link posted at the very end of the article. The provided link shall re-direct your browser to the OneNote’s Windows Store webpage from where you can download and install OneNote app for Windows 8 onto your PC. After installation run OneNote from the start screen and you will be greeted with the interface as shown below in the screenshot. Obviously everything will be empty unlike the screenshot below.

OneNote App For Windows 8

You can write a note down on the page by simply creating a page using the new page button which is located on the upper left corner of the app window and then just start writing whatever you want. To view all the options that OneNote App For Windows 8 has to offer, just click on the little page button that hovers on the page as seen above in the screenshot. Clicking it will open up a host of options as shown below in the screenshot. These options include the ability to draw, insert images, tag, paste, create lists, create tables etc. Personally this intuitive way of presenting options and control in a radial dial impressed me.

radial controls in OneNote App For Windows 8

OneNote App For Windows 8 also provides you the ability to organize the notes into notebooks, section, and pages; this makes it really easy and straightforward to keep all the notes organized. You can add multiple notebooks, section, and pages by simply clicking on the plus button.

OneNote App Windows 8

If you want a simple note app for Windows 8 that syncs via the cloud and is available for different platforms like desktop, mobile as well on the web which allows you to write, draw, take picture notes, and is customizable then OneNote is surely one of the best options for you.

You can get OneNote app for Windows 8 from the Windows Store by clicking here. If you were looking for something more simpler then try out the Sticky Notes app for Windows 8.

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