Free Windows 8 Pet Game With Many Different Games: Mou

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Mou is a free Windows 8 pet game with a very new concept. In this game, Mou is your pet. You need to play several games to earn coins, like: Connect, Tap Matching, Jump, Fall, Catch Food, etc. All the games are based on Mou only. With the earned coins you need to buy food, energy, health, buy stuff for its bedroom, make him bath, give him different balls to play, etc. to keep Mou happy.

You need to take care of your pet Mou by feeding him time to time and by buying health for him. It is a fun and interesting game for Windows 8. You will love to play the game every day to take care of your Pet.

You can decorate your pet with hats, mustaches, and many other things. You can also change the theme color, or wall of the game by using the earned coins.

The many different games within a single game app, make it more interesting. All the games are interesting and addictive.


Gameplay of Mou Windows 8 Pet Game:

You can get Mou game app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the app, you will find your pet Mou in the center of the screen. Initially, the pet is White and cream colored, but you can change its color or make it multi-colored as per your choice.

On the bottom of the screen, you will find option to take care of your pet and to play games, like: Lab, Playroom, Bedroom, and Kitchen. Click on the next/previous button.


Playing Games In Windows 8 Pet Game Mou:

In the Playroom, click on Games at the top of the screen. Select the game from provided options: Fall, Jump, Catch Food, Choir, Mou Bubble, Tap Sad, Tap Matching, and Connect.


Fall: In this game, you need to evade clouds while Mou falls down. While evading clouds, you need to collect coins as well.


Jump: In this game, you need to make Mou jump on the available spaces. While jumping you need to collect coins as well. But be careful while jumping, don’t let Mou fall.

Catch Food:  In this game, Food and non-eatable things fall. You need to catch foods and avoid non-eatable things.

Choir: In this game, four different colored Mou are placed. They start to choir one by one. You need to remember the sequence of their choir and click on the relevant Mou accordingly.

Mou Bubble: In this game you need to pop similar colored Mou from the board.


Tap Sad: In this game, you need to find out the sad Mo.

Connect: In this game, you need to connect similar colored Mou. This one is similar to Flow game.


Taking Care of Mou in this Windows 8 Pet Game:

While playing the above games, you need to collect coins as well. You need to take care of your Pet in four different ways: Energy, Food, Fun, and Health.


You can buy food for Mou from the kitchen. You can buy different foods, like: burger, fruits, fries, etc.You can buy different potions and drinks from Lab. Take care of the Mou’s health by giving him drinks and different potions time to time.



Mou is an interesting and addictive game for Windows 8. The 8 different games in this app, manages to keep you busy for hours. The most interesting thing, I like about this  game is that with earned coins in each game you need to take care of your pet Mou. You will surely enjoy this game.

Get Mou here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 5]
Works With: Windows 8
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