Free DOS Emulator to Play Old DOS Games: Dosbox

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Do you think staying up to date is cool? Sometimes it need not be so cool. Its true! If you ever get an idea to play good old games like Dev, Tandy etc., you may not be able to play. Simply your Windows 7 is too advanced to play such good old games. DOSBox helps you come out of the problem. DOSBox is a free DOS emulator to play free DOS games of the olden days. Now you can enjoy playing those old DOS games without a hiccup.

DOSBox as the name tells it emulates as a DOS platform between your old game and your latest platform and hence you are able to play the old games without a problem. With your DOSBox you have to mount the directory of the game folder and now you are ready to enjoy the game. This way you can play the old games which are in your hard disk.

DOSBox Home

DosBox also offers another extraordinary feature by the help of which you can play the old games which are in a CD-ROM. After inserting the CD-ROM just mount that CD-ROM into the DOSBox and you are ready to have fun with the game.The various commands to be executed to mount directory or to mount a CD-ROM are simple and straight forward. DOSBox provides a feature to automate this mounting if the user wishes so. This simplifies the task and once if you have mounted you are done with it. Some additional features like recording the sounds in the game into a .wav file is handy.

DOSBox Mount Directory

DOSBox Mounting CD

DOSBOx features an introduction tour through which all mounting command can be understood. The illustration is lucid and simple enough for anyone to understand. The interface is the same as that of DOS which any ordinary user will be able to understand at the first glance. DOSBox is an open source free software which can be installed in any system without having to face any sort of trouble. It is a compact application and does not use up the system resources too much. DOSBox is very safe for your computer and it cannot harm your computer in anyway.When tested this software worked perfectly fine without any problems and the overall result was very good.

If you are the one who would love to have a go at those old games then surely this software helps you to have fun. DOSBox is the ultimate destination for any game maniac!

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