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CleanO is a free and easy to use utility that cleans all the temporary files of your system, and hence improves the system performance. You do not need to install CleanO, you can run the exe file and can carry it in your pen drive or hard disk. You can plug the external drive into any system and it will run fine.

This is how CleanO looks like once you open this utility, see screenshot below.


Many times our computer systems start acting slow, the reason for this behaviour is accumulation of unnecessary temporary files in our system. Cleaning those files takes extra effort. At times it also happens that, even after deleting the temporary files, the system performance does not improve much. That is because the user might not be aware about the files and folder locations where these temporary files are getting saved.

So, rather than waiting for your system to take a hit & show lethargies while processing some important files or doing an important task for you, it would be really helpful if we have a utility or tool to take care of this very common issue that we face regularly. That’s exactly where “CleanO” comes into picture and takes the stage. It’s a very simple & cool application utility. It can be triggered at any point of time, you can designate it at system start up, or after sometime of system start up.


It lets you add folders to the list, and CleanO will delete their content when you run it. You can add multiple folders, remove them from the list at any point of time, move them up/ down and even explore the content of these folders. This is a great option that CleanO provides, after selecting any of these folders, you can select to clear the data or delete data from folder and put the content to recycle bin.


Another amazing feature that CleanO has is the scheduler. You can schedule it to run on system start up or delay the run by some minutes of start up. You can set it to run after any defined interval. You can see other options from above screenshot.

Key Features of CleanO system utility

  • Free and does not need installation
  • It will take care of all the temporary file cleaning activity on your system.
  • You can assign designated folders that will be cleaned whenever the tool runs
  • Can be run from the system in automated or non automated fashion
  • Can be stored on pen/flash drive to run the executable .exe file.
  • Scheduler will help you in setting up frequency of running this app, and it offers variety of options.

Overall Review

All in all, if you want something which will clean the unnecessarily stored temporary files from your system on a regular basis, than this cool app can be really handy. It makes your world simpler as you don’t have to manually clean the folders again and again. Easy to use options & User friendly UI makes it a great app to make your system more efficient/faster. I would recommend this tool without any reservation. You can download CleanO from here.

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