Free Software To Decrypt Files Encrypted By 25 Different Ransomware

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Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor is a free software to decrypt files encrypted by 25 different ransomware. You need to select the ransomware name from the list visible on its interface and then file/folder encrypted by that ransomware. After that, this software decrypts the file so that you can get the original file with original content. While it is almost impossible to decrypt files encrypted by some ransomware attack, unless you pay ransom, this tool brings some relief.

It can decrypt files encrypted by Locky, Tesla, and other dangerous ransomware. This tool can help even if you don’t know the name of the ransomware that encrypted the file. You can select a file that has been encrypted, and the tool will try to identify the name of ransomware. If it fails to do so, then you can try technical support for help. Or else, you can try some other online tool to identify name of ransomware. When the name is revealed, you can then use this tool to decrypt the file.

Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor- interface

Above you can see the interface of this Trend Micro Ransomware File Decryptor tool. You can use this tool on any PC. So, if you have ransomware infected files on one PC, you can take them to another PC, and then run this tool on that PC to decrypt the files. However, if files are encrypted by CERBER ransomware, then you must use this tool on the infected PC only.

List of Ransomware Supported for Decrypting Encrypted Files:

  • TeslaCrypt V4, V3.
  • AutoLocky.
  • CryptXXX V4, V5.
  • CryptXXX V1, V2, V3.
  • 777.
  • Chimera.
  • SNSLocker.
  • Stampado.
  • Nemucod.
  • Jigsaw.
  • TeleCrypt.
  • DXXD.
  • MirCop.
  • DemoTool.
  • Teamxrat/Xpan.
  • Crysis.
  • BadBlock.
  • CERBER V1.
  • Globe/Purge.

Note: For CryptXXX V3, this tool supports partial decryption only. So it won’t be able to recover the full file. Also,  for TeslaCrypt V1 and V2 encrypted files, you need to contact technical support to get TeslacryptDecryptor (a separate tool) to get the original files.

Using Trend Micro File Decryptor Tool To Decrypt Files Encrypted By Different Ransomware:

It is a portable tool and you can get its zip file using this link. Its interface is very simple (as visible in the screenshot above). Here you need to select ransomware name which has encrypted your file or folder. Press Select button and the list of ransomware will be in front of you. Select the name of the ransomware.

select ransomware name

Press “I don’t know the ransomware name” option if you have no idea which ransomware encrypted your file. After that, the tool prompts you to enter the file so that it can try to find the ransomware name.

When the name is selected by you, you have to select encrypted file or folder. Finally. you can begin the scanning. For some ransomware like TeslaCrypt, the scanning is finished quickly. However, for other ransomware like CryptXXX, the scanning may take hours.

scanning process to decrypt files

Let the scanning complete and the tool will help you decrypt ransomware encrypted file.

The Verdict:

Do note that due to nature of this tool, I am not able to test it by actually decrypting ransomware files (simply because I don’t have any such files). Neverthelss, I am gonna trust Trend Micro, and in case you do get in a situation that your files have been encrypted by a ransomware, this tool is definitely worth a try.

To avoid any ransomware attack, you can also try some anti-ransomware tools (like Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool and SBGuard Anti-Ransomware) or take backup of your files time to time. However, if you are already a victim, then try this tool to decrypt your encrypted files.

Get this tool.

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