Easy-Data Mediaplayer: Free Video Player, Video Joiner, Video Converter

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This exciting relatively new free media player is the perfect free software for those who enjoy movies. Easy-data Mediaplayer is a portable, easy-to-use player that supports most of the movie formats available today. Movies are played in high resolution sound and picture quality, even on older computers, and users are able to take advantage of the array of different functions offered. The designers and creators of free Easy-data Mediaplayer are continually improving the software with an aim of bringing state-of-the-art movie viewing for anyone who downloads it.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

Let’s take a look at the features this free movie player offers:

  • An array of effect icons allows users to adjust the picture, sound, equalizer OSD layers and text.
  • Using the ‘joiner’ option, users are able to join of connect two or more movie clips together and form one movie. This is ideal for people with home video clips.
  • Extract audio from movies or extract both audio and video.
  • Create movies from photos, with background music and other additions.
  • Decode movies frame by frame and create snapshots or thumbnails of movie files.
  • Using you webcam, create you own movies; mixing in sound as well as other effects.

The above features are just some of what is available in this free video converter and player at this time, as mentioned above, the creators are adding and improving the software continually.

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The following is a look at a few of the many functions available:

The Video Joiner Tool: Allows users to combine different video clips into one continuous movie. If, for example a user has separate clips of a complete movie, he or she can use this function to join them together. The Joiner tool interface is easily navigated. Also see other free video joiner.

The Video Converter Tool: This allows users to converter video formats to the format of their choice. Like the above Joiner Tool, the converter tool is just as easy to use and navigate. Files can be converted quickly, however large files take some time. Also see photo to video converter.

Video and Audio Merger Tool: This tool lets the user merge video with audio or vice versa. This enables the user to use their own soundtrack on movies, etc.

The Video decoder Tool: Allows users to edit a movie frame-by frame and create thumbnails and photos of scenes for the movie.

The Snapshot Window: let’s users view snapshots of movies and choose whether to save and print.

The above functions are just some of what are available in this free video converter, joiner, and player. The user has a slew of options to play around with and for the many of us that enjoy movies, this freeware Easy-Data mediaplayer – is just what the doctor ordered. Download this freeware here.

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