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Ultimate Video Converter is a free software that allows you to convert videos from one format to another. This free video converter supports the FFmpeg files which makes it possible to work with a number of file types. The software is basically written in Visual Basic .NET making the GUI so simple and user-friendly, that basic users can easily work with it.

The software is loaded with all the basic options needed for audio/video conversion. It supports different modes like HD mode, Audio mode, Video mode, Device mode.

As soon as you open the Ultimate Video Converter you get the basic screen as:


Features Of Ultmate Video Converter to Convert Videos:

  • Converts audio/video files from one format to other.
  • Provides modes such as easy mode, HD mode, device mode, custom mode etc.
  • Supports formats like AVI, MP4, MKV, OGG, ASF, and many more.
  • Can work with kinds of devices like that of Apple, Sony, RockBox, Nintendo.
  • Can manipulate the frame rate and bit rates of audio/video files.

 User-Interface of this Tool To Convert Videos:

The user-interface of this video converter comes with few options that are mentioned below in their respective order as on the interface:

The first option is ‘Input Files’. Using this option the videos present in the system can be loaded to the software. For inserting a single video, the ‘+’ button on the right side of input screen can be used. And for inserting a whole folder the other button below the ‘+’ button is used.

After inserting the files, the next option available is ‘Output Files’. Using this option the output videos destination folder can be specified.

Now, comes the Conversion Options option. As the name suggests, this option allows you to set the modes, profiles, height, width, bits, size, frame rate etc..


In this video converter the Conversion options provides  the facility to adjust the various configurations associated with the video file. Here the various possible modes of a video are available for conversion like the HD mode, device mode using which you can choose the conversion between the devices like iPhone, Sony etc.

The next option offered to you is Misc option  i.e. the miscellaneous option. Here you have a choice to overwrite the existing files with the alert messages.

Now comes the final part of conversion. Just click the Convert option, and the video will be converted into the desired format specified by the user.

There is an additional option in the video converter as shown below:

Convert videos

This option gives the software facility of updating itself with the new versions available. You may also check out some other best free video converter software.

Downloading And Installation Of This Tool To Convert Videos:

The software is open source and free to download, so you can download this software from here.

For installing the software just start the setup and click on ‘Next’ button. Check the “I agree…” clause during the installation and continue clicking the ‘next’ button. After the installation the software is ready to use with just a single click.

Ultimate video Converter is a completely free video converter software suitable for both the beginners as well as for the advanced users. Download and try Ultimate Video Converter for free.

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