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Seterra is a free map quiz game that offers more than 100 different geography related exercises to learn maps and geography playfully. This free map quiz game offers a playful way to learn about different countries, their capitals, cities within them, and flags representing countries.

This educational map quiz game covers all the basic geographical information about North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.


Straight-forward interface makes this map quiz game simple and easy to play. So even the novice users or beginners can easily play this geography enhancing game. The main interface of the game is basically divided into three sections:

  • First section displays the name of six continents
  • Second section displays the list of exercises associated with the continent that you have selected.
  • The Third section comes with options like Start to start the  game, About/options and Exit.

Seterra 002

Seterra basically displays the map for selected exercise and asks you to click the place asked, on the map shown. If you correctly click the place on the map, then it’s absolutely fine, as you get scores based on your correct answer. Two wrong clicks are acceptable, but if you are over with the third wrong click, then it highlights the correct place on the map, which you need to click to move forward in quiz. If you are not satisfied with your performance while playing the game, then  you are allowed to restart the game with a single click on the Restart button.

You can even play games related to flags and country capitals, etc. Seterra offers geographical quiz games that cover the entire world, so you can play quiz games like world islands, world mountains and volcanos, world flags, world oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, etc. to learn maps and enhance your geography.


Seterra 001

For making your learning experience even better, Seterra comes with sound effects and music, which you can easily disable from the options window. In addition, you can display timer while doing an exercise and also change the menu position that appears within the map exercises towards the top or right side of the interface.

Seterra supports multiple languages like English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish and many more, so you can choose your preferred language to play this map quiz game. You may also check out free websites to learn maps online.

Download Seterra free.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 3.5]
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