Free Iconscout Plugin for Canva to Access 3M Icons and Elements

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Iconscout now provides a free Canva plugin to access 3 million+ icons right inside the Canva editor. You can search for premium icons and then insert them in your designs. The new  plugin adds a side panel, same as for photos and elements search, that Canva already has. All the icons are displayed there are based on the query and in a click, you can insert them in your designs.

The Iconcsout plugin for now can only search icons. But I hope in the later updates they bring illustrations in Canva as well. All the icons are displayed with their names, which appear when you click the 3 dots icon. All you have to do is sign in using Iconscout in the plugin and then you are all good to go.

The Iconscout plugin is added as an app so when you no longer need it then you can simply remove it. And then again install it later when you require it.

Free Iconscout Plugin for Canva to Access 3M Icons and Elements

Free Iconscout Plugin for Canva to Access 3M Icons and Elements

Install the Iconscout plugin for Canva from here. After that, you simply need to log in with your account and then authorize it. After you do that, a new Iconscout icon will be displayed in the Canva sidebar.

Iconscout Canva Sign in

Click on the Iconscout option, and then you can start searching for the icons. Just enter a search term and then all the matching icons will be displayed. It pulls a lot of results, so you can scroll down in the panel to find exactly what you want.

Canva Iconscout Search

Click on any icon to instantly push it in the design. And then you can resize it and then modify it based on your needs. For example, you can modify its colors and resize it without the fear of pixelation. You can also change the order of the assets in the design in the same way you do for other Canva elements.

Iconscout Plugin Insert Icons in Canva Editor

When you no longer require this Iconscout plugin, you can simply remove it. Go to Canva apps and then disconnect it to remove it. And if later you need it, then you can install it again.

Remove Iconscount App from Canva

This is it. This is how you can use this simple Iconscout plugin to insert icons right in your designs in a click. Just install as I have mentioned above and take your designs to new heights by adding free icons. If you want to learn more about Iconscout, then you can read about it here and its desktop app here.

Final thoughts:

If you are a regular Canva user, then you will like this new Iconscout plugin. Install it and get access to millions of free icons right inside Canva. I am sure you will be able to find the icons that you need with the help of this plugin, and I hope in the later updates they add integration of other Iconscout assets too.

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