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Radio Downloader is a handy program to download desired content from radio stations. It is like owning your own radio station on your very own computer. The user can easily download the contents of a radio station using this powerful software. This software has abilities similar to Podcast which enables it to download streams and handle Podcasts. Using it is a convenient way of subscribing to the downloads of the user’s favorite programmes and content from radio stations. After downloading the user can easily listen to them on his or her personal computer or mp3 player. This smart application is perfect to all the music lovers out there. It actually allows the user to download and listen to the radio programmes and music offline.

Features Of The Utility

  • Radio Downloader is an open source software. It means that under the GPL it is available for free download. The user can also make necessary modifications according to his or her requirements.
  • The internet radio utility is pretty lightweight. It only occupies about 6.64 mega byte of space.
  • The freeware is compatible with select operating systems only. This list includes Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • The software depends on plugins in order to support content. Presently two plugins which are included are:

BBC Radio Provider-this enables the user to download and listen to radio programmes. This is made accessible via the BBC iplayer.
Podcast-Files available as attachments to RSS feed can be easily downloaded by the user.

  • BBC radio programmes when available are tagged with their respective series and episodes.
  • The maximum number of multiple parallel downloads can be configured by the user.
  • The software resolves a crash which may occur while removing downloads from a non existent path.
  • The user is enabled to make more than one selections in the list of available episodes.
  • The program will refuse to run if the .NET 2.0 structure is not downloaded. No other .NET structure will suffice.
  • The content is stored in mp3 format which enables the user to listen to them anywhere including the PC or an mp3 player. They can be streamed using a wi-fi radio if they are saved to NAS by the user.

Interface Of The Software

The software has an intuitive and hassle-free user interface which makes using the application extremely simple. The software window consists of four tabs which are Find Programme, Favourites, Subscriptions and Downloads. Under the Find Programme the user will find the Podcast and BBC Radio options. In order to subscribe to or download the desired content one has to double click on the option required. The BBC Radio screen classifies the programmes into various genres and categories.

Clicking on a genre will show you the available programmes and their information. Click on the download tab to start downloading the programme. For getting Podcasts one has to click on that option and enter the url of the RSS feed. Then download it to the location which can be changed by the user.

Downloading the application

One can download this smart utility from the official website. The direct download link is present in a number of other websites as well. Installation does not take up much time.

Final Verdict

This Radio Downloader software allows you to browse through BBC Radio programs, stream and download RSS feeds and converts the files into mp3 ones. The one drawback is the absence of a wide range of radio stations. Still this program will surely please the music lovers out there.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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