Windows 10 Vocabulary App for Kids with Words, Images, Sounds

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Alphabet Vocabulary Book is a Windows 10 vocabulary app for kids which has 8 vocabulary words for each alphabet along with images and sounds. Each letter in the app will have 8 words, upon clicking a word the word will be read out loud to learn the pronunciation along with the sound of the object in the image.

The Windows 10 vocabulary app for kids can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will come across an interface like the one shown in the screenshot below.

On this page go ahead and check out the settings option given at the bottom left corner. The settings window will come up as shown in the screenshot below.

From this window you can turn the volume of the app on or off. Turn the display screen to show all the words in one screen, or choose the flash card option which will display one word at a time on full screen. The vocabulary app can be used for kids in kindergarten, Montessori, preschool, and nursery.

On the home page go ahead and click the play button. This will bring up a screen with the first alphabet that is A along with 8 vocabulary words with images. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

Clicking on a word will read the word out loud so the kids can learn how to pronounce that word. Along with the pronunciation sound of the object in the image will also be played, so kids can relate to what sounds a particular object makes.

When you are done with all the words on this page, go ahead and click the flower icon on the top right side. This will open up the entire list of alphabets. From here you can select the next alphabet or even skip to any other alphabet you want to teach you kid.

Features of this Windows 10 vocabulary app for kids:

  • Vocabulary app for kids in nursery, preschool, kindergarten, Montessori.
  • 8 Words displayed for each alphabet.
  • Words are accompanied by images and sounds related to them.
  • All 8 words can be displayed in one screen or in flash card mode.
  • Background sound and volume can be adjusted.
  • Simple interface.
  • Supports touch and non-touch devices.


Alphabet Vocabulary Book is a nice app for kids in kindergarten or below to start building up on their vocabulary. Showing images with each word, will help kids relate to the image as well as word better. The sounds with the images also help keep kids engaged in this app. The app could help kids focus and start learning at an early age. The flash card mode can also be tried out as it is less distracting and the child can focus on one image and one word at a time. The interesting sound effects also keeps the kids engaged. Kids will learn how to pronounce a word, can related it with an image and sound. This app will just enhance the learning at an early age, that too in a fun way.

Check out Alphabet Vocabulary Book for Windows 10 here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 12 Average: 3.6]
Works With: Windows 10
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