Windows 10 Retro Shooting Game App to Fight Aliens in Space

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Radiant is a free Windows 10 retro shooting game app where you have to command a battleship and fight aliens in space who are planning to attack your planet. The game graphics are in pixelated look which make them look awesome. Fight the aliens by shooting at them from your spaceship. Their are upgrades available for your ship, weapons, to help you out as you go into further levels.

The Windows 10 retro shooting game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

radiant home

Click the start button to start the game. You will be asked to choose the difficulty level of the game out of the given three. You can start with the casual one first to get a feel of the game. The first level will appear in front of you after choosing a difficulty level, as shown in the screenshot below.

radiant level 1

Click on the tile to start the game. The game window will appear as below. The game will also have dialogues between the ship commander and the earth control room at the start of the game, which you can skip using the skip button given at the bottom right of the app window.

radiant game board

You are given three lives to start with. Every time you are hit, you loose one life. On top left side you will be able to see your score. Loosing all three lives means game over for you.

After a couple of levels when you have earned enough money you will get the option to upgrade your weapons or spaceship, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

radiant weapons upgrade

You can buy whichever upgrade you think suitable for your spaceship. Just make sure you have enough money to buy. After upgrading your weapon, click space bar on the game screen to switch between weapons.

Features of this Windows 10 retro shooting game app:

  • Shoot aliens from your spaceship.
  • More than 100 levels to play.
  • Upgrade weapons and spaceship.
  • Powerups available.
  • Choose difficulty levels.
  • Check leader board for your ranking.
  • Nice graphics and background sound.


Radiant is a fun shooting game app for Windows 10 where you can shoot aliens in space using your battleship. The graphics of the game are awesome along with the pixelated look. The background sound also suits the app a lot. The game will make you remember your childhood days when the games were not so high tech.

Check out Radiant for Windows 10 here.

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Works With: Windows 10
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