Windows 10 Fish Aquarium Game App to Feed Hungry Fishes

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AquaFish is a free Windows 10 fish aquarium game where you have to take care of fishes in your aquarium. The app lets you take care of your very own fish aquarium by feeding the fishes, decorating the aquarium, etc. You can earn points and medals for taking care of your fish. Also, looking at the fish swim in water can prove to have a healing and relaxing effect.

The Windows 10 fish aquarium game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app, you will be shown a small tutorial on how to manage your fish. A screenshot of the tutorial can be seen in the screenshot below.

aquafish home tutorial

Go through the tutorial and then start playing the game. The options on the screen will be pointed out to you like where you can check your game level or medals, like shown in the screenshot below.

aquafish home 1

The game does support ads, so you will see a constant ad at the bottom of the window. Once you are ready, you can go to the menu option on the top left corner. A window like the one shown below will come up.

aquafish shop

From here you can shop for new fishes, change the layout of the aquarium by changing the background or adding items to the aquarium. You can decorate your aquarium by adding various items to it from the layout tab. In the encyclopedia tab, you will be able to get more information on a particular type of fish. Entries are also made in the encyclopedia when you take care or the fish or when the fish breed, as shown in the screenshot below.

aquafish encyclopedia

The last option is for settings, where you can turn the sound option on or off. You can also turn the submarine and viewing mode on or off.

aquafish settings

This option also lets you see the tutorial again by clicking on the button. When you click the remove ads button you will be asked to upgrade the app to a paid version.

Features of this Windows 10 fish aquarium game app:

  • Simple game to feed your hungry fish.
  • Your fishes will grow in size a little everyday.
  • You can add more fishes to the tank when you level up.
  • Collect medals once a day.
  • The submarine which appears in the tank from time to time can be clicked upon for bonus points.
  • Change the background of the aquarium.
  • Decorate the aquarium.


AquaFish is a really relaxing way to pass your free time. You can feed your hungry fish and look at them growing everyday, which can prove to be healing in a way. If you want more fishes in your tank then you need to level up. The submarines which appear in the water, can be clicked upon to earn bonus coins. You can also buy and sell fishes to earn coins. Apart from changing the background you can also decorate your aquarium by moving things around. Just feed your hungry fish and keep them happy, that’s all you need to do in this game.

Check out AquaFish for Windows 10 here.

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Works With: Windows 10
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