How To Remove “Send To” from Windows 10 Context Menu

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This tutorial explains how to removeSend To menu from Windows 10 context menu. Send To menu is visible when you right-click on an application, desktop shortcut, file, folder, etc. You can use this menu to create desktop shortcut, send file to Bluetooth device, Documents, Mail recipients, etc. It is quite a useful feature for those who use it frequently. However, others who don’t use this feature much and want to hide or remove from context menu, this tutorial is helpful.

For this, you need to tweak Windows 10 Registry. After that, Send To menu will be removed. Also, whenever you need to get back this feature, you can add Send To menu anytime. In this tutorial I have detailed all the steps for you.

send to menu removed from windows 10 context menu

How To Remove “Send To” Menu from Windows 10 Context Menu?

Step 1: Go to the Registry Editor window using Run or Search box.

Step 2: Find SendTo key. You can access it by clicking on: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AllFilesystemObjects\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\SendTo.

access SendTo menu

Step 3: SendTo key has a “Default” String value. Double-click that value and see the Value data. Copy and paste that value data to Sticky notes or somewhere else. You will need this key later. After that, empty the value data field, press OK to save the changes.

empty value data field and press ok

Step 4: Close the Registry Editor. Now right-click on some file or folder. You will notice that ‘Send To’ menu is not visible.

send to menu removed

Step 5: To make the Send To menu visible again, repeat steps 1 to 3. After that, in Value data field, paste the same value that you have copied earlier.

enter the value and save

Press OK and it will make the Send To menu visible again.

The Verdict:

There are tools to customize Send To menu or use it with default options, but it is useful for those who access Send To menu regularly. Other users who rarely or never use Send To menu and want to remove it, they can follow these steps. Also, adding Send To menu back is equally easy, so you don’t have to worry after removing it from Windows 10 context menu.

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